• SUPPORT OTHER MEMBERS – CrossFit is community driven. When it rains, we all get wet. We may train as an individual, but we workout as a community. If you finish first, you should be the first one cheering everybody else on.

  • SHOW UP – Be on time, please. It is respectful to the coaches and to the other members if you arrive on time. You can also use this time to practice technique and learn new skills!

  • RESERVE CLASS – on Zen Planner so we know who to expect

  • IF YOU DON’T KNOW ASK – If you don’t know….ask – Our coaches are all professional and here to help you. Ask questions and you will get answers.

  • RESPECT OUR EQUIPMENT – Dropping dumbbells, kettlebells and doing anything that can potential damage our equipment or facility is a no-no.

  • CLEANLINESS – Always put away your equipment and even help others. Treat our restrooms the same way you would treat yours. Keep our facility clean so everyone is happy.

  • HYGIENE – We all sweat. But please make sure we are wearing deodorant. We don’t necessarily want to smell your hard work.

  • INJURIES – Don’t do stupid things; eliminate the unnecessary by listening to coaches and always follow TECHNIQUE – CONSISTENCY – INTENSITY. Do plenty of mobility and let a coach know immediately if something doesn’t feel right.

  • LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR – CrossFit is humbling to everyone. Aim for PROGRESSION. Trying to be perfect and better than everyone will leave everybody frustrated.

  • BE HONEST WITH YOUR EFFORTS AND RESULTS – it is hard to count repetitions and rounds when you are tired, and it is ok if you lose count or forget. But knowingly “shaving” repetitions will not get you to where you want to be, and believe us, people notice.

  • HAVE FUN – While we do take our training seriously, we want everyone to have some fun in the process. We enjoy a laugh as much as you do!