Our Culture

What encourages a great community is not just the people. It is the actions and beliefs of the people in the community. At NorthEast CrossFit we cultivate a community that is diverse, inclusive, welcoming and forgiving. Every person that steps foot into our doors can immediately feel the openness of our atmosphere-- the high energy vibes and the genuineness from every greeting. As old-school CrossFitters, we relish the camaraderie as well as the sweat. As professionals, we take your goals seriously and want to see you live your best life. 


What you can expect from NECF is more than just a great community. It is more than just a workout. You can expect a culture that is vibrant, real, playful, and accepting. This starts with a carefully selected team of fitness professionals that leads by example. We value the human connection and celebrate your accomplishments. At NorthEast CrossFit we are more than a gym and more than a community. We strive to nurture the development of not only strong and healthy people, but people that care to make a positive impact on those around them.