Health. Fitness. Life.

Our main program and the foundation for our fitness community, CrossFit consists of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements. We use a number of fitness elements to improve all aspects of your health and fitness to get in the best shape of your life. Your strength, stamina, speed, balance, coordination and flexibility will all improve substantially once you begin our CrossFit program.

 You’ll never get bored with our CrossFit program, as each day’s activity provides something new and exciting. Our group sessions are semi-private to ensure that you get the individual attention you deserve. This isn’t a “normal” gym where you’re only a number or a face in the crowd. Our CrossFit program focuses on creating a welcoming environment where you’ll receive personalized attention from our coaches and participate alongside other members cheering you on to be your best.

Our CrossFit program is perfect for anyone looking to improve their health and performance. We offer goal based styles of CrossFit programming: Fitness and Sport.

Aerobic Capacity

Improve. Breathe. Sustain.

Want your race times to drop? Tired of overuse injuries keeping you on the sidelines? Then our Aerobic Capacity program is for you. In this program, we target muscle groups that are traditionally weaker in endurance athletes, all while developing explosive speed. The goal of this program is to leave you with a more efficient cardiovascular system and more immune to overuse injuries.


Power. Speed. Technique.

Our  Olympic Weightlifting program is the perfect supplement for athletes seeking to develop explosive strength and power as well as improve speed, coordination and flexibility. It also serves as our primary technique based program.

Don’t be fooled by the sometimes-large exterior, Olympic lifters are some of the most flexible athletes in the world. This class can (and should) be utilized by men and women, young and old. Our focus is on the two formal Olympic lifts – the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. We also use elements of the squat, press and deadlift to help you improve your form and add weight to the bar.

Our Olympic Weightlifting program is taught using the Chinese Weightlifting methodology. Chinese style weightlifting is arguably the most efficient technique in the entire world. With the watchful eye of our experienced weightlifting coaches, we will help you master proper technique as well as providing you with the training and edge you need, should you want to pursue professional lifting as a sport.


NorthEast CrossFit is a recognized USA Weightlifting club, under the name NorthEast Barbell Club.


Confidence. Strength. Build. 

Function is a program specifically designed to develop an individual’s top end strength and bulletproof you against injury. In this program you will learn how to vary exercises, volume and loading to increase your maximal strength.


Emphasis is placed on the three major powerlifting exercises: the back squat, deadlift and bench press. You will learn how to perform the power lifts with proper technique and select the correct special exercises to enhance your training.


The benefits of increased maximal strength manifest themselves in many ways during CrossFit WODs, the two most notable are increased force production and improved strength reserve.


The stronger a muscle is the more force it is capable of producing. Focused strength 

work sessions play an integral part in your overall fitness. NorthEast CrossFit is a recognized USA Powerlifting gym.


Coordination. Core. Flexibility

Build strength, coordination, balance and flexibility with our Movement program. This body-weight only program works on strength, conditioning and gymnastic skill work. If you want to build your core, there’s no better (or more exhilarating) way to do it than with our Movement program.


Strength. Balance. Function

Structure is an all-inclusive low impact fitness program, with a focus on boosting strength using unconventional objects. Specific movement pattern focus will be on mid-line stabilization, squatting, hinging, carries, and static holds using sandbags, sleds, yokes, axle bars, and more.


The simple nature of the program challenges any skill or experience level. This is the perfect program for anyone looking for a supplemental program that will help reduce pain and injury, strengthen their physical structures, and get them to the next level of fitness.

CrossFit Kids // Teens

Future. Sport. Wellness

We teach proper technique and introduce light weight training exercises to the still-developing teenage body.


Our goal is to prepare teens for a higher level of high school or college athletics, as well as preparing them to begin engaging in the regular CrossFit classes we offer.

private training

One on One. 

As personal as it gets. Private coaching works best for those looking to lose weight, increase strength, improve technique or prepare for an event. The one-on-one experience gives  the most attention in an amazingly effective and efficient way to achieve your individual fitness goals.


Your coach will work with you to identify and clarify your fitness goals, assess your movement, and design a program specifically targeted at improving your deficiencies and optimizing your strengths, thereby enabling you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.


Our primary way of delivering the private coaching experience is through personal training and individual program design.