2019 CrossFit Open--Week 1 Wrap-up

Internationally, there has not been as much hype surrounding the CrossFit Open this year, due to changes CrossFit HQ is undergoing, but this was not necessarily the case at Shoreline Athletics!

Week 1 presented a 15 minute AMRAP of wallballs and rowing, a workout that is presumably, a "tall person's" WOD to win. Surprisingly, this wasn't the case in our gym. The two athletes who came out on top could be classified as shorter, more powerful athletes. Let's see where our 2019 participants ranked this week:

Men's RX

1. Kyle Lundberg-339 Reps (8 rounds,19 wall balls, 16 cals)

2. Scott Stewart- 331 Reps (8 rounds,19 wall balls, 8 cals)

3. Frank Vigliotti- 309 Reps (8 rounds, 5 wall balls)

Women's Rx

1. Megin Shepherd- 290 Reps (7 rounds, 19 wb, 5 cals)*

2. LP- 269 Reps (7 rounds, 3 wallballs)

3. Kati Papoosha-261 reps (6 rounds, 19 wb, 14 cals)

*an honorable mention goes to Erin Brown who tied young Meg in this workout!

Men's Scaled

1. Will Gardner- 313 (8 rounds, 9 wallballs)

2. Matt Murphy- 266 (7 rounds)

3. Mark Czarnecki- 261 (6 rounds, 19 wb, 14 cals)

Women's Scaled

1. Meagan De Jesus- 241 (6 rounds, 13 wb)

2. Nicole Conti- 228 (6 rounds)

3. Kendra Price- 183 Reps (4 rounds, 19 wb, 12 cals)

Honorable Mention:

This week's honorable mention goes out to REBECCA ROCHE. Rebecca has never thrown a 14 lb wallball in a workout, and when 19.1 was originally announced, she planned to perform it scaled. Rebecca's typical workout time is in the early morning, but she chose to skip this class on Friday. Instead, she reflected on the workout for the ENTIRE DAY, until she finally psyched herself up to perform it prescribed with the 4:30 pm class. GO REBECCA!! Way to overcome those mental demons that often get the best of all of us!

This year's Open has 29 total participants at Shoreline Athletics. The average age of our participants is 35 years old, with the youngest athlete being 26, and the oldest 56.

I am eagerly anticipating what tomorrow's announcement will bring. Even if you are not participating, be sure to cheer on your friends when they are. After all, the Open is really more about community than it is competition....or at least that's what they tell me ;)

Team work makes the dream work--Kyle's friends cheering him to a first place finish this week