If you are a member of NECF, chances are you’ve spoken to friends and family about how CrossFit has changed your life. Do any of the following responses from your loved ones sound familiar?

  • I don’t have time for the gym.

  • I’m too busy to make it to the gym.

  • I wish I had the time.

  • I have too much going on.

I’m too busy has become the new way of saying “I don’t want to.” I’ve been coaching for over three years and in that time I have heard my share of excuses. “I’m busy” is by far the most common excuse I hear. “Busy” is what we label something that is not very high on our priority list. If you care about something, you will always make time for it. As a coach, I’m not here to judge how anyone spends their free time. There’s nothing wrong with watching your favorite television show or browsing Instagram, but if these activities are the reason why you’re “busy”, you might want to re-examine how you manage your time and your priorities.

“Busy” is such a great excuse because it sounds both plausible and vague at the same time. The members of NECF and CrossFit gyms around the globe dont make it to class because they magically have more time in their day, but rather it’s because those who want to be involved make being involved a priority at the cost of something less important.

Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking being “busy” is a valid excuse for why you aren’t achieving your goals. Saying you’re “busy” becomes a crutch for why you don’t get things done. I’m a coach and I even need to schedule time for my own workouts. I recommend taking a few minutes on Saturday or Sunday to plan out your week. Everyone on the planet has the same 24 hours. In my experience, if you don’t schedule it, it’s unlikely to happen. It’s up to you what you make a priority. 

- Coach Kenny