Let’s talk about grip

Often times your grip can be a limiting factor in the gym or everyday life (opening a jar or carrying all the groceries). Building a strong grip can help in all of these areas. There are three main types of grip.

Crush Grip Crush grip is the ability to squeeze something between your fingers and palm. Ever shake someone’s hand and they squeeze your hand like a dead fish? Yeah let’s avoid that. Remember watching your older brother squeeze one of those old school “grippers” for days? Well, I do and it’s a good way to improve your grip.

Support Grip Support grip is the ability to hold on to an object or hang from an object for an extended period of time. This is very helpful when it comes to pull-ups or toes to bar. Try a dead hang from a pull-up bar for :20 on/:10 off.

Pinch Grip Pinch grip is the grip strength between the tips of your four fingers and the thumb. Want to improve your pinch grip? Grab two plates and squeeze them together for as long as you can. Make it even more challenging by squeezing two metal plates together.

Here is a fun protocol called “grease the groove”, promoted by Pavel Tsatsouline, father of the Kettlebell. He believed strength was a skill and like any skill you have to continuously work at it. “Grease the groove” involves picking a task, ANY task, and getting a few reps in throughout the day. The easiest way to fit grip training in while at work would be to buy a gripper and squeeze it for a minute at a time every few hours. Keep doing this for a few weeks, slowly adding more reps and you’ll notice a tremendous amount of growth in your grip strength.

Have you ever met a strong person with a weak grip? Nope, never. We use our hands to get strong. So get out there and carry some heavy shit!

- Coach Kenny