A Couple Of Tips On How To Maximize Your Time At The Gym

A Couple Of Tips On How To Maximize Your Time At The Gym

By Coach Debbie Leonti

It seems that we live in a society where we are always pressed for time. We have places to go, people to see, spouses and kids to tend to, etc. An hour session of working out is a leisure for some of us. Why not take advantage of that ONE hour that we have to ourselves? Let’s maximize the benefits of making ourselves a little better in our fitness program to help us reach our performance goals a little faster!

When we get to our gym or “box,” we usually get in a few minutes early to be sure we are on time (so that we can avoid doing burpees!). We put our stuff down, use the bathroom and then sit around and chat. The social part is GREAT and so important especially in CrossFit, but remember those pull ups you have been dreaming of getting for the past 6 months? We don’t program pull-ups every day nor do we have the class time to work on everyone’s individualized weaknesses. So, if you want to get your first pull up, cycle handstand push ups a little faster, or become more flexible, use these tips to maximize your gym time!

Tip 1: Plan ahead If you know you are going to get to the gym a few minutes early, set your stuff down and get right to work. We always allow people to do individualized work prior to your class (as long as you are out of the way of course). Do some research or ask one of your coaches to show you some progressions to help you into reaching your goal. An extra 5-10 minutes every time you come to the gym adds up!

Tip 2: Grab a friend After the workout is done, switch it up! It always easier to do extra work when you have a companion. So instead of chatting with your friend while drinking your protein powder and complaining about how terrible the workout was, grab a yoga mat, pick out a stiff body part and spend about 10 minutes working on that weak area. We provide ROM WOD here at NECF, so you can always ask to use the iPad!  Mobilizing every time you come in will help to improve recovery, reduce risk of injury and also aid in building those muscles!

There are your two simple tips to help close those gaps in your game! We are just trying to get a little better every day, and since we are so limited on time, we might as well make the most out of our gym session! Turn that “down time” into some “gain time!”