A Day In The Life of Coach Manny

Whenever I get asked what my role is at NECF or what I do all day, since I am no longer on the coaching schedule, I typically will give a blank face stare for a second. Not because I think it's a silly question, but because I get a little paralyzed at that moment. Instinctually, I want to reply with “it’s lots of things,” but that can sound kind of condescending and is clearly not the answer that person was looking for. But honestly, it’s so many things that it's hard to explain in an elevator speech. It reminds me of when I first opened up the gym and someone would ask me “what’s CrossFit?”.  I would feel (and still do sometimes) like it’s so many cool things, that I might confuse you with the details! 

In the past, I’ve written about where I’ve been and where we are going, but was pretty vague on what a day looks like for me. I’m not going to lie, I think each day I live is really cool and is full of constant changes, unpredictability, stress and a forever feeling of not having enough time in the day. There are elements of consistency, but I am in a constant state of things changing on the fly. After a few years of truly settling into this new role of “running the business side” I have finally found a decent rhythm. The past few months took some adjusting to (you know, having a baby and stuff), but I am in a really good place right now both in and out of the gym. So anyway, what on Earth does Coach Manny do all day?


I usually wake up between 7:00-8:00am, most of the time without an alarm clock. I recently put my phone on Do Not Disturb and try to stay off social media and anything distracting upon 30 minutes of waking. I get around 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night, but wake up once or twice because of the baby. Adequate and quality sleep are a top priority for me, which is the primary reason why I am consistently positive and in an eager mood. More on that in a later post. While I am drinking my coffee, I usually do “morning education.” I either read a book, some posts or take modules through a new coaching certification I am going through. That will last about 30 minutes give or take, depending on the baby’s mood. After this time I’ll have some breakfast and go for a morning stroll with the baby, while wifey is at work. While I am on my morning stroll I’ll listen to whatever audio book is on tap (right now it’s the E-Myth). So I would say my “work day” starts not too soon after I wake up. At some point in the morning I do a post on my Instagram (@coachmannynecf), which believe it or not, is something I don’t really enjoy but realize it’s something that I kind of have to do nowadays.

Late Morning/Early Afternoon

I load Titan in the car and head off to one of the gyms. During this time I do some

Open Gym coaching early on and by later in the afternoon hit all of the emails, programming, notes and research for the week. There’s always a crap ton of things

to do like write blogs, improve on a system of the business (like staff development or sales process), network with other owners and run personal errands. Sometimes I go home for lunch, go on daddy duty if needed or head to a meeting. You’d be surprised at how much time of my day is spent on meetings with our staff and networking with others. 


If I am not on daddy duty, I will either take a class or observe a class at one of the gyms. The evening time is probably my most inconsistent time of the day as I leave it open for whatever randomness comes up during the day.  One thing is consistent though, my brain starts to tire out from all of the reading, listening, writing etc. that I’ve done throughout the day. On my drive home I turn off all distractions and ride home in silence. It’s a nice time for me to relax and reflect on my day. Later in the evening, I go through my TrueCoach app to connect with my remote clients, catch up on some emails, order supplies, cook dinner and spend time with the family. This is probably around 7-9pm depending on the day, which is when I would say my “work day '' is finished. I put my phone on Do Not Disturb at least 30 minutes before bed and am attempting to replace the TV with something more downregulating, like mellow music or a podcast. I’ve contemplated reading, but honestly I question my mental stamina by the end of the day. Bedtime is usually around 10 or 11 pm nowadays, which I like far more than staying up until midnight.

I Thought You Said Unpredictable! 

The routine I just went through is actually only partially true. My schedule only looks exactly like that perhaps 1-2x a week, usually earlier in the week. Outside of that, my schedule changes frequently depending on the day. Usually the start of my day (coffee and education) and the end of my day (self reflection) are the only things that stay consistent throughout the week. In between that, it all depends on what scheduled meetings, training sessions, errands, wifey’s schedule etc that are lined up for that particular day. 

My workout schedule is wildly inconsistent. I get anywhere from 4-6 short training sessions a week for myself. I try and do our classes as much as my schedule will allow. I actually prefer taking a class because I don’t have to think, it’s more fun and I know I am done in an hour. Plus I like to experience some of the torture I’ve created with everyone else! The chef has got to taste his own food! Overall I set a daily goal of at least 15 minutes of movement every day, even on days I don’t make it to the gym. I’m still working on that part as I can get pretty lazy on the weekends!


Depending on the day of the week, I do anything from programming, reading, listening to a podcast or audiobook, writing a blog, creating documents of largely useless ideas, responding to emails, assigning tasks and planning meetings. I really spend most of my day largely on education, creating ideas into a reality and delivering that idea to our NECF team. This stuff is constant and never gets boring. There is a lot of pressure throughout my day to be productive and to stick to my self imposed deadlines. I put a lot of pressure on my team for various things, even outside of coaching, so I better be on task too! In a weird way, I find comfort in the stress and feel like I do my most creative work under stressful conditions. 

I am very fortunate to have a lot of flexibility in my schedule to spend time with my family. This part is particularly important to me because I want to be around for my daughter as she grows up. I am very grateful to be able to make time most days to hang out with my daughter and baby momma (we’re getting married very soon!). There’s still so much for me to learn and grow and I wake up each day with a hunger to just improve my craft and improve myself as a human being. To me, they go hand in hand. I try and be an example for my team, my family and others around me. Each day that goes by is an opportunity for me to make the world just a little bit better. I realize this goal is difficult, but I also realize a good start to accomplishing this goal is with me. 

- Coach Manny

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