Are You A Hard Worker?

By Coach Manny Alayon

Accomplishing or goal or being successful takes hard work and dedication in virtual any field. The most common places we set goals for are the workplace, the gym and at home. The interesting thing about “hard work” is an individual’s perception of what it means. I think if you ask most people if they consider themselves to be “hard workers” the common answer is “yes”. But if most people were a hard workers, then why aren’t most people successful? Why doesn’t every single person achieve their goals? There can be several factors that influence this, but perhaps one of them is that we don’t work as hard as we think.

Let’s first define what a “hard worker” is. A hard worker is someone who consistently puts in both time and effort into a task, job or goal. The characteristics of hard work, time and effort, must be present at all times and along with consistency or else hard work would be limited to just the task at hand. For some examples, if you go to the gym 7 days, but go through the motions, are you a hard worker? If you only work 2 hours a day, but accomplish a lot inside of those 2 hours, are you a hard worker? If you like to travel and explore the world, but can’t truly stick to a schedule for a job, are you a hard worker? The answer to all of these scenarios are NO! All of these scenarios may contain 1 or 2 of the main characteristics that define what a hard worker is, but not all 3. In scenario #1, the time was put in, but what about the effort? In scenario #2, the effort was put in, but working 2 hours a day doesn’t cut it no matter the productivity. Scenario #3, simply lacks consistency. You can isolate hard work to specific tasks or jobs, but if it is not part of your daily life you are not truly a hard worker. Rather, you “worked hard” on the specific task, job or goal. In other words, and this can be a difficult concept to grasp, you can  work hard on something without being a hard worker.

Just remember that being at the gym for 3 hours a day doesn’t make you a hard worker. Not putting in your best effort during the WODs does not give you merit to do extra work. We sometimes sacrifice quality for quantity because we are wired to think “more is better”. So next time when we think of how to get the next PR, how to lose the next 10lbs for a wedding or how to get that job promotion, just remember the three characteristics of being a hard worker. Don’t just work hard for the task, job or goal. Put in the time, effort and consistency to get all the things you desire. Make being a hard worker a part of the person you are (or want to be) and you will undoubtedly achieve great results and success both in and out of the gym!