Ascending Ladder


Workout of the Day

Team WOD

10-20-30-40-50 reps for time:

Barbell Lunges, 135/95lbs. Pullups Wallball Shots, 20/14lbs. Cal. AB


A. Snatch, build to a heavy single

B. AMRAP 7 mins: 1 Snatch@85% of A

C. For time: 30 Cal AB 60 Double-unders 20 Cal AB 40 Double-unders 10 Cal AB 20 Double-unders

Barbell Club

Split Jek, foot drill A. Jerk Dips 5×3@100%

B. Split Jerk 4×2@80-85%

C. Power Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk, build to a heavy single

D. Clean Pull 4×3@100% *pause at the knee