Care About Your Performance

By Coach Debbie Olson

We are so fortunate to be able to do what we do on a daily basis. This sport allows us to accomplish things both inside and outside of the gym; CrossFit strengthens us both mentally and physically. At times, we can all take advantage of this luxury. For some, training daily can start to become monotonous and we just go through the motions. For others, they become so anxious and try to play catch up with those that have been doing CrossFit for years that they tend to “skip a few steps” to try and get there faster. Both ends can be extremely detrimental to our progress. It is easy to become comfortable and complacent in training. It is difficult for some that are new to CrossFit to control their anxiousness to begin to do things they see others around them doing. The bottom line to this…CARE about your performance!

If you are simply going through the motions on a daily basis, are you getting anything out of that? There is no drive, no movement with intent. When we become lazy and unfocused, our chances of getting hurt increase and we don’t get as much out of our training session as we could have. This time in the gym is for YOU. We are able to train and should be so thankful for the ability to move. Try to be conscious of moving WELL and moving with intent.

For our novice and even our more advanced athletes, CARE about your performance. When we lose patience and try to cut corners, we do not move as well. When our focus is too much on the clock or trying to “catch up”, our movement becomes sloppy and will negatively effect our overall performance.  There must be an understanding between a score on the board and HOW you accomplished that score. I would rather see a “slow time” from an athlete that made the extra effort to complete all of their reps with a clear effort to move through that exercise to the best of their ability. Short cuts will not get you stronger. The scores that we write down get erased on Sunday. It is what you put into the workout and your performance that matters most. Take a step back and care about your performance in the gym. Strive to move well, strive to move to be a better athlete both mentally and physically. If you have questions on something, our NECF staff are all here to help you! We love what we do and we want to make you the best version of yourself that we can. Be patient, trust the process, and care!