Do Not Underestimate The MOD In The WOD

By Coach Debbie Leonti

There are so many different levels in CrossFit.  With a gym of 300+ members and everyone doing the same workout, there will always have to be adjustments made for the individual.  It is our responsibility as coaches that everyone moves safely and in a way that will progress our members to become better athletes.  You all have grown to trust us and the process, and for that, we are forever grateful.

While providing specific needs for an individual, we always consider several things.  Most important, what is it that we are trying to accomplish with our athlete?  Are we chasing a certain stimulus?  Are we adjusting movements so that the athlete can create better movement patterns?  Is the athlete limited with a certain movement or working with a pre-existing injury that we are trying to help fix?  There are so many factors as to why our coaches may change up the workout for an individual.  Modifications are a key component to growing in this sport.  If we want to get better, sometimes we have to leave our ego at the door and take the proper steps to get from point A to point B.

Although adjustments and “MODS” may be made, this does NOT mean that we feel you are incapable of doing things.  This means that you have to take an alternate route to achieve the same goals.  Just because you take the alternate route, this should not be an excuse to not give forth the same effort as if you were doing it as “RX”. Hard work pays off.  You must put in the effort and trust that this will lead you to becoming a better athlete.  Do not underestimate the MOD in the workout.  Give it your best and know that soon progression will be made and you will become better each day.

There are always different paths we can take to reach the same goals.  If you look at successful athletes, all of their programming is different from person to person.  All with different programming, but all become successful in the sport.  What is it that they have in common?  They trust the process and give it their all no matter what is thrown their way.

So, next time a coach gives you a modification or alters the workout for you, know WHY it is that we are doing it and put in the effort to reap the benefits later!

See you all in class!