Don’t Fall For the FAD Diets

By Coach Debbie Olson

There are hundreds of advertisements, books, websites, and articles promoting the next best thing to achieving your “dream body.”  In a society where we are always looking for the quickest route to take, it is so easy to fall into this category; especially with nutrition.  “Just do this and not that for 30 days and you will be successful!”  While we are skeptical at first, the constant bragging and success stories of men and women of all ages makes it that much more appealing to try it out.  If you stick to it for 30 days, will you actually see results?  Of course you will.   But, is it sustainable?  Are you able to live this way not just for 30 days but for the rest of your life?  Chances are that the answer is NO.  After you have done all of these strict steps of doing this by and depriving yourself of almost everything you enjoyed before you started this to perfection, something begins to happen in the mind…You want everything that you missed out on for those last 30 days!  After 30 days of hard dieting, we ease up and go right back to old habits that got us where we were when we first started.  If this sounds like something you can relate to, you are not alone.

I am not saying to avoid trying new things.  I want everyone to be aware that there is no right or wrong way to reach your goals.  I am telling you to be aware of what it is exactly that they are promoting and why they are doing it.  What are the benefits to following this program?  Are you really attacking the problem of why you want to lose weight or get that dream body of yours?  If nutrition was that black and white, everyone would have a bikini ready body.  There is so much more to nutrition than simply following a cookie cut meal plan.

If you are looking to better your nutrition, do not jump to the next best diet.  Keep some of these tips in mind:

1.  Be present during your meals.

So many times, we are eating on the go or multitasking while eating.  Try sitting down and enjoy the food you’re eating rather than just grabbing and stuffing!

2.  Pick REAL foods.

There is no magic food out there that will help you lose weight or get in better shape.  However, spending money on real food (meats, vegetable, fruits, legumes, nuts) is a much better expense than a magic shake that you will not drink for the rest of your life.

3.  Trust yourself to know when you are feeling hungry or full.

If you are hungry, eat.  If you are feeling full, wrap it up and save it for later.  I know life is not always that simple, but TRY to be aware.

4.  Ask yourself the “why”.

Are you eating out of boredom, stress, fatigue?  Fad diets do not help these stress levels, they add to it.  Identify the behavior patterns you are struggling with in times of cravings and try to create a plan of action that will help break that habit.  For example, I crave so many sweets late at night, but am I eating enough throughout the day that would help subside those later cravings?  Not eating enough throughout the day can easily lead to overeating later.

5.  Take small steps.

Start by building and creating a few small habits.  Drink mostly water throughout the day, plan out a routine breakfast to have in the morning that will start you off right, and eat wholesome, REAL foods throughout your day.

6.  Enjoy the treats, but do not use it as a reward.  Have it because you want it!

It is not the FAD diets that will get you there, it is the small steps of building new habits through behavior and emotion that will help make “dieting” more manageable and more successful over a longer period of time.  Don’t fall victim to the Fad Diets!

See you in class,

Coach Deb