Elliott Hulse Talks Strongman, Active Meditation, and Bioenergetics



Warm-Up: 400m Sandbag Carry (Try to go UB! We don’t care how much it sucks!)

Strength: Sandbag Push Press, Find a 5RM

Conditioning: 3 Rounds AMRAP 2 Mins: Sled Sprint 50ft *Rest 2 Mins*

AMRAP 2 Mins: Sandbag to Box, 48″ *Rest 2 Mins 

Barbell Club

 A. Every two mins for 10 mins: 1 Snatch 85%

B. Snatch Pull 5×2@100%

C1. Snatch Balance 5×1@100% C2. P- Bar Hold 5×30 sec.

Today’s Link – Elliot Hulse Talks Strongman, Active Meditation and Bioenergetics