Finding The Right Training Partner

By Coach Debbie Leonti

Let’s be honest, not everyone enjoys working out on a daily basis.  Of course we enjoy seeing results and making progress, but to stay motivated can sometimes be a challenge.  In CrossFit, we emphasize community and supporting one another. But sometimes, you need something a little more than just the community; you need a workout partner (or partners!).  A workout partner can be just the thing you need to keep you coming back reaching your goals.

A workout buddy can be a crucial asset to increasing your training game.  Just as much as they help you, you can help them. How do you find the right training partner?  Honestly, there really is no right answer. Here are some things YOU can do to be a successful working partner:

  1. Stay Positive:  Try to keep a positive outlook.  Almost all of these workouts are going to be challenging!  Think of ways to keep you and your partner(s) in it until you reach the finish line.

  2. Honest:  You should keep it real with your partner(s)!  Communication is key to any relationship. If they aren’t completing a rep properly or if you happen to catch a missed rep, let them know!  Sometimes, we need to have things brought to our attention as your partner may be unaware.

  3. Encourage:  If someone is feeling out of it that day, try and support as best as possible.  If they don’t feel like coming in to train, give them those friendly reminders of the positives to training when you don’t want to.

A support system is sometimes just the thing we need to take it to the next step.  Everyone should try and be aware of their own actions because you never know who it may impact.

Let’s continue to train hard and continue to reach those goals we set for ourselves and for our buddies.