Finding Your Why

Finding Your Why

By Coach Cameron Hudson

Fitness is hard. Just when you think you have it all figured out, coach makes you go a little heavier or introduces a new skill. So, why do we do it day in and day out? Are you training for an upcoming spartan race? Getting ready for the Open? Or just exercising so you can post videos of you lifting in a crop top? Whatever the reason is, only you can answer that question.

“He who has a why can endure any how”


Your why is what keeps you coming into the gym each day and allow you to strive to be a little better than you were yesterday. Unlocking your why can help you set goals to keep your progress and enjoyment on track.

My challenge to y’all this week is to take some time to reflect on your why. Write it down and then come up with three goals that pertain to the gym. Yes, write them down! Once you write them down, feel free to share them with one of the coaches so we can help you get there. That’s my why. I come in each day to help make each person better than they were yesterday. From getting their first muscle up or hitting a new PR on their back squat. That gets me fired up!