Friday Night Lights at NECF

How is everyone feeling after the combination of Open Workouts 20.1 and 20.2?

Do not worry, you fiercely strong men and women at NECF, as there will be something on the heavier side this week...I can feel it!  Regardless of what the workouts are (as they are all going to be challenging in some way or another), this year's Open has been a little different at NECF.  As a team, we decided to encourage members to sign up, but we're not as "forward" as in the past.  We emphasized the importance of the open and how it does not matter if you plan on going to the CF Games or not.  We explained that it is a test of YOUR fitness as well as an assessment as to what you need to work on in your future training. 

For example, if you were upset with your results from 20.1, maybe it is your aerobic capacity that you need to work on within the next year.  By working on this area, you may feel a bit more prepared for a higher volume workout like 20.1.  One plan of action you can take to build on this goal is to commit to at least one endurance class every week.  Make any plan of action you choose a "non-negotiable" one.  You are committing yourself to just one action every week no matter what the circumstance.  If you make it a priority, it will get done.

Okay, back to the reason I said this year's open is a bit different here.  We are hosting "Friday Night Lights" in the evening each week, but the energy is so different (in a good way!).  To me, the energy is much more relaxed and positive.  I remember having members come up to me asking for advice with a tone of fear and anxiety in their voices.  Yes, the Open is meant to put some pressure on us; healthy pressure to make us want to perform at our best to showcase how we have been training.  This pressure that I would see over and over was a pressure I would not want any of our members to endure unless they are at such a high level of being a competitive athlete.  The Open is meant to be fun and enjoyable.  Are there going to be downfalls to people's performances?  Absolutely.  Are we going to be hard on ourselves?  Probably!  However, this year, we got rid of all of the tents, vendors, and videos and just said, "We are going to have some fun on Friday and anyone is welcome to jump in on heats!  Sign ups are on the board as you walk in and judges will be provided to those signed up for the open.  We gave an evening time slot (4:30pm-8pm *depending on workout) to come in and sign up under a heat.  The pressure seems to be off people a bit more this year and I truly enjoyed attending last Friday Night.  

We do not know what Castro has in store for us this week, but regardless of the workout, try to make it Friday night and have some fun.  Some people finished the workout, grabbed a beer and just hung out and cheered others on.  It is so great seeing people from all different classes come together and train.  This is what we are about.  No one is here to judge you if you are going RX or Scaled.  When you put the effort in, we are all there to show some love and support.

This Friday, we would love to see some members get their workout on in their HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!  Anyone have some ideas?  I am looking forward to seeing those that decide to do it.  It is not mandatory to wear a costume, but definitely encouraged!

Looking forward to seeing you guys this Friday,

Coach Deb