Being stuck inside during an already stressful time can make it easy to slip into bad habits. How do you continue to progress as an athlete when life gets tougher, progress is slower, and motivation is lacking?

This is where discipline comes in to the equation. Discipline is not the same as motivation, excitement, or interest. Discipline requires building daily and weekly habits. Pay attention to the patterns that you repeat on a daily basis because they will eventually form the identity that you believe in and the actions that you take. For example, put your gym bag in the car every morning or take the route home that passes by the gym.

Pretty soon, your pre-game routine will not only be a trigger that kick starts your habit, but also a reminder of what you’re working towards and the type of person you are becoming.⁣

This is crucial to success in any area of life. When motivation and energy inevitably come and go, habits can help you stay consistent. If training is a habit in your weekly routine, you will persist through those tough times. If you only do things when you feel motivated, then you’ll never be consistent enough with your habits, career, health, relationships, etc. Structure during this time is also very important. A lack of structure can create a string of days that run together. This can lead to each day feeling empty.

My advice is to eat your meals at the same time everyday and go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. Routines offer clear ways to mark when things start and end. I want you all to remember we’re all human and struggle, and it’s important to have patience with ourselves as we grow and develop.

- Coach Kenny