How Do You Use Your Fitness?

By Coach Manny Alayon

As time goes on my thoughts and ideas evolve and even change. I get the privilege to work with and surround myself around motivated people in my field and outside of it who influence my thinking. I love learning new ways to scale a movement, cue an individual, keep track of data etc. I do my very best to absorb everything I could as I consider myself to be a true student of the game. All of these experiences shape my awareness and thought process, especially when it comes to fitness.

Something that has really changed for me, especially over the past year, is my view on CrossFit and why I still do it. So I guess my “why” has changed through some of my recent experiences and goals. Even though I’ve come to the realization (a long time ago) that I was not going to make it very far in the sport of exercise racing, I still wanted to be the best I could at exercising. Now that I reflect on it, I think it was more of a fear of not being good at CrossFit. It is kind of a weird fear if you give it some deep thought.

That fear is still there a little, but I have found a way to… we’ll call it… repurpose it. I now view my fitness as a way to enhance my life (sounds obvious). I no longer prioritize being the best at exercising. I pay less attention to my PRs and WOD times. That doesn’t mean I don’t have fitness goals or that I don’t care at all. It just means that I don’t let the result on a workout make or break my day. I now use my fitness for more practical things that I am doing, like staying in shape for wrestling or carrying all my groceries in one arm while walking my dog. I work on my weaknesses regularly to strengthen my mental toughness. Life is not nice all the time so I like a physical challenge to remind myself to stay tough when things get hard. I want to continue to challenge myself physically and be a good example for my friends, fellow peers, clients and family.

What are some ways you use your fitness outside of the gym? Why is it important for you to stay fit? I think we should all have a goal that is outside of being the best CrossFitter. It will lead to a happier and healthier time at the box. It will ease some of that WOD anxiety or that disappointment you get when you didn’t PR for the 100th time. At the end of the day, we are building a place that will keep you feeling good, looking good and performing exceptionally good for a lifetime.