It Takes Two to Tango!

We have multiple roles in our lives.  We are a grandmother, mother, wife, co-worker, friend, etc.  With all of these different roles comes different responsibilities, expectations, actions, and reactions.  Depending on what role you are in at the moment will dictate your actions and behaviors.  We will treat our mothers differently than we treat our co-workers.  Building relationships and having roles is crucial.  We all will have different approaches to how we take on our roles and this is what makes us unique.  

In the work environment, I am a trainer and a coach.  I take pride in my job because I love what I do.  I have established my role at Northeast Crossfit and with this role comes a lot of responsibilities that I chose to take on.  I have made certain expectations for myself in this position. 

There are several "standard" responsibilities that come with the job, but a lot that are not, which is what makes every coach unique.  We are fortunate enough to have such a diverse staff at NECF that I feel each one of us brings something different to the table.  Coming in with a little something different will, in my opinion, help each member grow and develop into a better athlete and person.  We are not looking to completely change who you are, but we are here to help guide you and provide you with the knowledge and support you need in your fitness and health journey.

As a coach, I want to know my athletes.  I enjoy hearing about your weekends and if you went on any exciting trips recently.  I also appreciate hearing the struggles or losses from my athletes.  My goal is to be there, support you, and try to guide you however I can.  I can not make the pain go away, but I can be a shoulder to lean on or a person to talk to in attempts to try and lessen the hard hit.  The workout of the day is great, but understanding athletes as humans as well will only benefit both inside and outside of the gym.

     As coaches, we were proposed the question, "How can we help our athletes outside of the gym?"  I have been thinking about this long and hard and was initially stumped by the question.  What is my role as a coach?  More importantly, what is your role as an athlete and member?  It takes two to tango, so in my opinion, one can't work without the other!  Here are my thoughts on this topic:

As a coach...

1.  A coach will lead by example.  I try to live my life to how I feel is a healthy one.  No one is perfect, but I have established life long habits that have worked in my benefit.  I think leading by example is important for members to see and maybe even follow to help them on their journey.  There is no quick fix, it is just things that you do repetitively that will bring you closer to your goals.

2.  A coach will guide.  If someone asks a question, I will answer to the best of my ability based off of experience as well as knowing and communicating with the individual.  If someone wants to get muscle ups, I will guide them.  I will provide them with drills and exercises to help pave the way to getting them closer to those muscle ups.

3.  A coach will support.  We are here to catch you when you fall and here to pick you up when you are down.  We are here to cheer you on when you succeed.  If you need that little extra push, we try and provide that as we know how important this hour means to all of you.  We want to support you in your journey to make you better, not worse.

4.  A coach will provide knowledge.  We understand that some of you do not see fitness and nutrition as a priority.  We can not force you to make our passion a priority, but we can drop some knowledge on you based off of our experience and credentials.  We are all certified health and fitness coaches; We have certifications, do our research, take clinics, have group meetings, etc.  We continue to learn and expand our knowledge in attempts to make our athletes better both inside and outside of the gym.

There is so much more that I can ramble on about with my role as a coach, but I feel that these are most important.  However, as a coach, we can only do so much.  We have about one hour per day with you.  As members, you have a role to play both inside and outside of the gym as well.  If you want to see results and make changes, utilize the tools we give you and BUILD.

As a member:

1.  A member will lead by example.  If you have been coming to NECF for a while now, you are viewed by those just walking into the gym.  You should handle yourselves in a manner that you feel is respectful to other members, your coach, and yourself.  We all have bad days, but keeping composed and acting appropriately will only help the community as a whole.  As a coach, we are here to talk to if you are having one of those days, so again, utilize the tools we are providing for you to lessen the hit.

2.  A member will guide.  Taking a new person under your wing goes such a long way.  Just little words of encouragement or tips to get through a hard class can make the biggest impact on someone else's experience.  Coaches are usually pretty outnumbered in classes, so if one person can help out another, this can make the biggest difference.  Guide someone that looks lost and I bet you will feel more accomplished in class and after as well.

3.  A member will support.  Just because you finished the workout does not mean you are finished completely.  We, as coaches, support each of you until the end (or at least until the time cap!), but you as a member should do the same.  Rather than running out the door 15 minutes before class actually ends, run over to someone that is still working and speak some simple words of encouragement.  You do not have to scream in their face and yell at them, but a simple, "nice work, Karen!" means so much in the moment.  This not only makes you a better member, but a better person.  You will carry that outside with you when you leave the gym.

4.  A member will act on the knowledge provided.  Again, coaches provide the  tools you need to build.  It is up to you to act on this knowledge in order to see change.  If we give you drills to do, but if you choose not to follow through, do not expect to see results.  Also, do not look to point fingers in other places when you hold that responsibility to take action in making those things better.

As a community, I think NECF is very strong.  The leaders are only as strong as their followers.  I ask all of the members to take responsibility in their roles as we take pride in taking responsibility in ours.  This place is building (in a great way!), so let's maximize our hour at the gym to only maximize our hours outside of the gym.  We have many roles to play, so let's use NECF to better others.

See you at the gym!

- Coach Deb