Just Tryna Stay Fit

Just Tryna Stay Fit

By Coach Cameron Hudson

If you have ever heard me use the phrase, “just tryna stay fit,” it may come off as somewhat of a joke. Though I might use it in a more laidback fashion, this phrase is how I try to approach fitness each and every day.

A few years ago I had a major slump when it came to my own training. I was young and fell victim to what everyone else was doing. Particularly, what the top athletes were doing. Essentially, their training is volume, volume and more volume. So, I began following a competitor’s program online with the mindset that I would be as good as the top athletes if I simply did what they did. As a result, the opposite happened. The volume was too much for me and the level I was at. Heartbreaking. My intensity during workouts suffered and it caused me to plateau. Aside from my training suffering, my morale and ego took the biggest hits. Becoming stagnant in the gym made training seem more like a chore and it lost its lust.

In a sort of limbo, I found myself wondering what the big picture was. Realistically, am I ever going to be a Games athlete? Unfortunately, probably not. A tough pill to swallow, but one that allowed me to shift my attitude and approach to training. I cannot remember when or who I heard use the phrase “just tryna stay fit,” but I began to coin it as my own mantra. I began taking a more relaxed tone towards training as a whole and to always remember that this is supposed to be fun. I have since been involved in a number of teams which we named Just Tryna Stay Fit to serve as a reminder as to why we were doing this.

For me, Just Tryna Stay Fit, has served as a way for me to keep myself in check. Try to not take myself too seriously, because it’s just fitness and we should be enjoying the time we spend becoming a better version of ourselves. So, the next time you find yourself thinking that you did bad in a workout or you’re upset that you missed a lift, just remember why you come to the gym day in and day out; You’re just tryna stay fit.