Keeping Track of Progress

By, Debbie Leonti

“Coach, what weight should I work up to today?”  This is one of the most commons questions I receive on a daily basis.  While it is our job to guide you through your sessions, it is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your working weights.  Our strength cycle varies on a daily basis in rep range.  As we try our best to scale individuals appropriately, it is almost impossible to remember each person’s 5 rep max on a push press.  We provide you with percentages, but if you did not record your working sets from the last time you performed the exercise, it becomes a guessing game; this leads to inefficient training.  When we work in groups for the strength, people tend to work off of other people’s numbers…do not fall victim to this!  Track your progress!

There are a few different apps you can download on your phone (ex. My WOD) or simply buy a notebook and keep it in your gym bag.  Make tracking weights and modifications in your sessions a priority.  When we track, it is going to help us visually see progress.  “I did 95lb. for a working set of 3 last week, so I am going to try 100lb. for 3 this week.”  Right away, you have a goal set and you are saving time during the strength knowing the weights you will be working with for the day.

Everyone has to start somewhere.  I am not telling you to never ask for guidance, but begin tracking as soon as possible to allow more information as we coach you.  This will optimize your training.  As you do with strength, do the same in tracking your performance in the conditioning part of the workouts.  Did you scale reps?  Was the scaling too easy or too difficult?  Writing this down is crucial.  If something was not challenging enough, express that to your coach for the next time you have that exercise.  We love experimenting with different modifications to continue to challenge you.  It is our job to guide and help you!  The more feedback we get from you, the better we can make adjustments for the next time.  Track your performance and see the gains!

See you at the gym,