My CrossFit Journey

By Coach Cameron Hudson

We all have a story of how we ended up where we are, so today I wanted to write about how I first found Crossfit and some things I have learned along the way.

I have always been a very active person, but my athletic background consists mostly of playing water polo and swimming. I was fortunate enough to play collegiate water polo and swim. I always loved practice and training; pushing myself in any way I could. If you lived in Houston, you might have seen me running through the neighborhood with a cinder block on my back or doing push ups next to a stop sign. I was never one for conventional gyms.

As I hung up my speedo and became a NARP (non athletic regular person), I started doing circuit style workouts on my own at the college’s gym. One day, someone came up to me and asked if I was doing Crossfit. Never having heard of Crossfit before, he had to explain to me what it was. Instantly I was intrigued and went to YouTube to see what all this Crossfit stuff was about. This was in January 2013, just before the Open. I began doing the WOD from on my own. As I would look on the website, I kept seeing announcements for the upcoming Open. Not really having much clue as to what I was doing, I thought the Open was something you had to do. So, I signed up. You have a couple choices; either perform the Open WOD at an affiliate or video yourself and submit it for peer review. Week 1 was a 17 min workout and FitCam Photo had not yet been born, so I had to find a place to do the Open. I called several gyms at 7am on a Saturday, Manny was the only one to answer. I woke him up and begged to let me do the Open with him. It’s been love ever since.

Since the 2013 Open, there have been several lessons learned. The biggest lesson, was that my craptastic form was not going to last. I had some of the most horrendous movement, no matter what it was; quarter squats, rounded back deadlifts, you name it. Imagine the funny videos you see of people exercising online, that was me. Just ask Manny. The second biggest lesson, which took me longer to realize, was that I wasn’t playing water polo anymore. Every WOD was not some cut throat competition in which I had to prove myself. I see lots of people, not just at NECF, who’s first move at the gym is to look at scores for the WOD. I was just as guilty of this, and sometimes still find myself looking at scores from time to time. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter what someone else’s score is, only that you put forth your own effort and left the gym a little better than when you came in.

The 2018 Open will be my sixth year doing the Open and there have been plenty of lessons along the way. I like to think my movement is much better than when I first started; I like to think I don’t let my competitive ego get the best of me, but the truth is that I’m still learning. That’s part of the beauty of Crossfit. You’re never done learning or improving. Ask any top athlete and they can rattle off a laundry list of things they still need to work on both in and out of the gym.

No one took me up on my last challenge, maybe y’all got bored of my rambling, but this week I challenge you to take some time and reflect back on how you got into Crossfit, some things you’ve learned along the way and a few areas that you are still working on. Write it down and share it with me.