NECF 21 Day New Yew Year Reset

Our 21 Day Reset is getting close and I am so excited to start this up!  With Revamped Nutrition, my goal is to help teach you about nutrition and all of the different paths you can take.  Based off of your individual goals, we can try different strategies to see which is most sustainable for you.  Any nutrition plan will work if it is something you can stick to.  The last thing I want is to give you anxiety over this as I am sure you all have your own stress in your lives that you are dealing with!  With that being said, our 21 Day Reset is a chance to tackle one specific path of nutrition that many people follow on a daily basis and love!  It is a chance to fuel your body with nutrient dense foods and omit any foods (temporarily) that may cause bloating, inflammation, fatigue, etc.  Not everyone has food allergies, but some people do struggle with food intolerance.  Many may be unaware of the intolerance as this has just become a natural way of feeling for a period of time.  

This Reset runs parallel to the "Whole 30" or the "Paleo" lifestyle.  What is the Paleo Lifestyle?  Followers of the Paleo diet aim to eat in the way that our prehistoric ancestors did. They seek out whole, unprocessed foods and avoid processed foods,

grains, legumes, and dairy. Paleo advocates argue that our bodies are unable to process foods that emerged after the development of farming. Things to avoid on 21 Day Reset: 1.  Dairy 2.  Grains 3.  Alcohol 4.  Legumes 5.  Added Sugars (NOT including natural sugars like fruit) 6.  "Junk Foods" (basically anything processed or has a long shelf life.) Things you CAN have (FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN HAVE!!**) 1.  Vegetables 2.  Fruits 3.  Meats 4.  Seafood 5.  Eggs 6.  Nuts and seeds (peanuts are considered a LEGUME) 7.  Oils and Ghee 8.  Coffee/Tea Here is a more detailed shopping list for the next 21 days:

Now that we have a baseline understanding of what we will be following, let's go over some frequently asked questions about the challenge, so that we can clear up any confusion going forward!   (SIDE NOTE:  Don't just dive into something head first without doing your own research on the topic.  This is your body and your choice to do this.  The more you learn and understand the topic, the more you will get out of the challenge and better you get to know your own body.   1.  If this is a team of 3, can I have friends that are NOT members of NECF join in on the challenge? Absolutely!  We are welcoming members AND non-members to join in on the challenge.  Choose your team of 3 wisely as this will be your primary support system for the next 21 days. 2.  When does the challenge start and end? Start Date is Monday, January 6th and will end on Sunday, January 26th. 3.  How do we sign up? Only ONE person per team needs to register.  It is $75/team.  The link is here: 4.  Are there any other ways of communicating with other teams throughout the challenge? YES.  I have added a Facebook group and it is open to anyone participating.  This will be a great way to interact with others and share some ideas.  I will also post our daily questions on the page. Here is the link to our Facebook group: 5.  This is based on a points system.  What are the points received on a daily basis? Each person can accumulate 7 points per day.  Your team captain should keep track of your points as a team on a daily basis as well.   Here are your 7 points: 1.  NO alcohol=1 point  2.  NO Added Sugars/No Processed Foods (Basically PALEO=1 point) 3.  Protein at every meal=1 point       *Must have at LEAST 3 meals per day* 4.  At least 1 serving of vegetables with EVERY meal=1 point 5.  Daily water intake (1/2 body-weight in ounces)=1 point 6.  30 minutes of daily activity (simple as walking)=1 point 7.  1 Journal Entry on Topic Given for the day=1 point      *Each journal topic will be emailed the morning of and MUST be written in your journal. 6.  Where do I record everything? You will be provided a journal before the challenge begins and you are to write EVERYTHING down.  They will be collected after the 21 days is up.  All meals, snacks, drinks, activity, AND daily journal responses will be recorded.  These journals must be completed by all team members in order to be eligible to win. 7.  How do we track progress? This is a great question.  We always want to see the results for the work we put in.  We are NOT doing InBody scans for this challenge, however, I would encourage TWO ways of tracking progress: 1.  Take BEFORE/AFTER photos. This can be as simple as fitted shorts and no shirt/sports bra.  I would say a front/side/and back view for yourself.  At the end of the challenge, use the same items of clothing you used in the beginning. 2.  Choose a BENCHMARK workout. This is great for those looking to improve their endurance.  I would choose something simple (can be done at home or in the gym.  A few testers that I like: "KAREN"= 150 Wall Balls for time 1 MILE Time trial RUN 100 Burpees for time *Do your benchmark within the first 2-3 days of challenge and re-test on the last day  8.  "Coach, this is going to be impossible.  I am going to die without my oatmeal in the morning!  What am I going to do?" Please trust me when I say that you will survive without your oatmeal!  We all have our foods and beverages that are going to be difficult to part with.  I am only asking for you to find a substitute for right now just to see what happens and how you feel!  Find another option to replace your oatmeal like sweet or white potatoes, butternut or other winter squash, or even some fruit.  It is only 3 weeks! 9.  "There is nothing to eat while being Paleo, I am going to be starving all of the time.  I don't want to lose my GAINS!  Help!" First off, BREATHE!  You won't lose all of your gains!  Rather than focusing on what you can't have, focus on what you CAN have.  There is such a wide variety of foods on the shopping list and I am not asking for you to restrict your calories.  You can still eat ample calories and be satiated by eating your meats, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats.  Try focusing on your protein consumption (at least one serving per meal) as this macronutrient helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. 10.  "My birthday will be during the challenge, so I can't do it because I know I am going to eat birthday cake.  I will try the next challenge when I have nothing else going on in my life." Okay, so this is not a question, but I hear this a lot!  While I understand what you're saying, please take a step back and read this again.  Your birthday is one day.  So, have your birthday cake and ENJOY it!  Yes, you will lose the point for the day, but it is better to lose the point than to not do the challenge at all!  If we think of something coming up every time we go to start up something new, we will never start that "something new."  There will always be things going on in our lives that are inevitable.  I am not asking for you to live under a rock for the next 21 days, but be aware and make some serious changes!  Lean on your teammates for help or turn to the Facebook group for guidance.  If you REALLY want something, you will make it a priority and do what is in your control to get it done. Hopefully this clears up some things about this upcoming challenge.  I will be getting those journals to you as soon as possible.  I will leave them at the gym for those that come in a bit later.  For non-members, reach out to your team captain or stop in at NECF and grab yours.  I hope to see a few more team sign ups within the next few days.  Sign up BEFORE JANUARY 6TH!!!