NECF Coaching Line-up!

Every year right around this time we seem to “change things up”. NECF’s mission is to provide our members with the absolute best fitness experience imaginable. Part of what makes NECF different is our ability to adapt and evolve. We are always looking to improve the member experience here in any way we can, not just coaching. Everything we do ranging from implementing certain rules, how we run & structure classes, the programming, events, to social media etc. are all areas we always try to improve on.

I like to think of our staff at NECF as a championship team. They are awesome at what they do and are always looking to master their craft. Like every championship team, if we want to keep winning we need to “change things up”. Changes are essential for growth and longevity. Changes also keep us from staying stagnant and complacent, which is how we fall behind in anything in life. It can be really easy to keep things the same because they are “good enough” or we currently see success. At NECF, we don’t settle for “good enough” and we know that success is earned. Last time I checked, no one got the results they wanted from “good enough”. Before I get going here on the new exciting changes to come, no one is getting fired or demoted. So please save the High School talk for somewhere else.

In late April/early May we found ourselves in a very interesting predicament. Coach Deb approached NECF with a fantastic personality and great coaching credentials. We had to make some adjustments on the fly, knowing what a valuable asset she would be to the coaching staff at NECF. Coach Chris stepped aside from coaching and took a different role in the company to accommodate the changes. What was first an apprehensive move for multiple reasons, ended up working out better than I could have imagined. Putting my team in a position that is beneficial to NECF is something that I have really been putting a lot of my focus and efforts on lately.

I would like to start off by welcoming our long time member, Kenny Olmeda, to the NECF coaching staff! Kenny has been a member of NECF for over 3 years and has been shadowing for around 6 months now. He brings a background of strongman and powerlifting elements to the table. Paired with a calm, approachable and friendly personality, we know he is going to be a positive impact on the NECF coaching staff. Kenny will be joining Coach Deb for the 5:30am class! I think my 5:30am’ers just shit their pants. What about the beloved Coach Cam?

Coach Cam has blossomed into one of the best and most well-rounded coaches in the game. Coach Cam and Deb were a fantastic duo and I know my 5:30am’ers will miss him dearly. Coach Deb and Cam both have very strong leadership capabilities, so it made sense to change Coach Cam to evenings. Which brings me to the next “change up,” Adam and Eve… I mean Steve…

Coach Adam and Steve provided our evenings with excitement and flare. This was not an easy decision to make. Coach Adam has been a huge part of not only our coaching staff but also our Social Media. He is the creative brain behind a lot of the marketing that goes into NECF. I decided it was the best position for NECF to take advantage of that talent and use it to its fullest potential, as Coach Adam will be taking more marketing responsibilities for NECF. But don’t worry, you will still see him coaching the 9:30am class with Coach Deb, coaching the Olympic Weightlifting class and doing private skills coaching. Coach Steve will continue developing and mastering his coaching skills with Coach Cam in the evenings.

Coach Chris’ role as Director of Operations has certainly made an impact on how smoothly things run at NECF. I call him The Real El Jefe (which means boss). He not only runs a large portion of what goes on at NECF behind the scenes, but he is the organizer of our events and still manages to jump on the floor to coach our clients.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude as I write this. I am a very fortunate individual to have a team that shares the same vision for NECF that I have. We all work towards making NECF not only the best CrossFit gym in Westchester (check that off the list), but also one of the best CrossFit gyms in the world. We will begin implementing SOME of the new coaching schedule on Tuesday, September 5th.

Moving forward can be difficult and scary. But trust us and enjoy the ride. NorthEast CrossFit community, “Lets make Fitness Great Again!”

– Coach Manny