NECF: The Real Judgement Free Zone

By Coach Manny Alayon

What better way to kick off 2019 than to steal a tagline from one of the most popular fitness chains in America, Planet Fitness? This is that time of the year when every gym in the industry prays on people’s half-hearted wishes at fitness by slashing gym membership prices in hopes that you never actually attend. Clever and genius marketing plan, with a hint of questionable morality. Imagine what would happen if people actually attended their low-priced gym past February? Imagine what even a 50% attendance rate would do to these commercial gyms? It would actually overcrowd to the point of diminishing return! Today, I want to talk about how I am going to market to you and future members to choose and stay at NECF. And I am sorry to disappoint, but we will not be slashing our prices…

I actually really like Planet Fitness’ tagline of “The Judgement Free Zone.” We face an interesting problem as a CrossFit gym that most other fitness establishments do not. The #1 reason most people don’t try CrossFit is because they are intimidated. They worry about slowing down the class and not being able to keep up. The thought of some of the exercises are so intimidating that they would rather not give it a try than appear foolish to their peers. Intimidation is something we all experience at some point, some far more than others, but the only thing I can do is let you know this — no one cares! I mean this in the most blunt manner. No one in the class actually cares if you look silly while performing a snatch. No one cares that you aren’t strong enough to perform a pushup. No one cares that you lack the flexibility to properly sit down on a toilet seat. This isn’t because our community is self-centered and only cares about themselves. It is for the simple fact that we have all been there. We have all been to a place where we have struggled and do not like the way it feels. Even our best and most experienced members have their weaknesses.

The majority of our community does not consist of superstars and ex-collegiate athletes. Our community is majority female (55%) and most have not even played a high school sport. Our community at NECF consists of soccer moms, policemen, lawyers, teachers, sales reps and much more, who are looking for a true way to improve their health and quality of life. Unlike Planet Fitness and other commercial gyms, we actually want you to attend. Our staff takes your goals seriously and if we don’t see you, you can expect an email or phone call. We adjust our program to each individual’s current ability and fitness level and only push you when we know you are ready. Our only caveat is we only want to work with you if you are truly motivated enough to make a change. So don’t expect us to make a class without a barbell because you are intimidated and only associate a barbell with huge muscles and broken backs (thpinal). Allow us to educate you on how we can utilize various fitness tools to achieve your goals and improve your health in a safe environment.

NECF is simply not a place for judgement and it truly never has been. We don’t need a “lunk alarm” or a big banner on our wall that says “judgement free zone” to prove this. It is something each and every member experiences when they are a part of our community. Now what is truly unique about NECF is that we have created an atmosphere to foster growth and celebrate the little victories. In each class that you attend, you can always take away something positive. It can be your first pullup or your first time demonstrating a full range squat. There is always something to look forward to when you attend our classes.

The hardest part about joining NECF or any CrossFit gym is that initial intimidation. I will be the first one to tell you that CrossFit isn’t as intimidating as it can come across. The only thing you have to do is give a try and see for yourself. For our members, bring your friends, especially the ones who are terrified. We love nothing more than to pleasantly surprise people. For our non-members, give NECF a try and experience how this true “judgement free zone” can change your life. Since I can’t steal Planet Fitness’ tagline, how does “A Fitness Program For Anybody… As Long As You’re Motivated!” sound? Start off your 2019 with making better decisions for yourself and your health by joining NECF!