Power!, Accessory & Barbell Club



Strength Heels Elevated Squat 4×10

A1. Goblet Curtsy Lunge 4x:30 A2. KB Swings 4x:30

B1. Side Plank Clamshell 4x:30 per side B2. Plank March 4x:30


1. Close Grip Bench Press 10-10-8-8/max *increase each set* **8/max – heavy set of 8, then drop weight (around 10-20lbs) and go for max reps**

2a. Single Arm DB Bench 3×8/arm 2b. Band Lat Pulldown 3×15

3a. BB Tricep Extensions (overhead) 3×15 3b. Plank DB Row (one hand on bench, body extended, same leg extended in air) 3×8/arm 3c. Banded Curls 3×10/10 *supinated/pronated*

Extra Credit 75/50 cal ski *at the start of each minute: 10 Russian Twists*

Barbell Club

A. Clean High Pull, floor + hang – 6x(1+2) @60%

B. Power Clean w/o split + Power Jerk – 6x(2+1) @70%

C. Deficit Clean Pull – 6×3 @90%

D. Good Mornings – 3×12