Saturdays Are for Structure and Snatches



Warm-Up: “Thunderstruck” w/ Med Ball “Squeeze” Press

Conditioning: In Teams of 3, travel 2000m with… Farmers Carry, 70/55 Med Ball Front Hold, 14/10 Sandbag Carry, AHAP (switch as needed)

*Every 400m completed, team must do 6x 50ft sled sprints before continuing.* **Workout ENDS with sled sprints! :)**

Barbell Club

A. EMOM 5 mins: 2 Snatches@60%

B. Power Snatch, 3-3-3-3

C. Snatch High Pull, 5×3@80%

D. Back Squat, 5-5-5-5

E1.Weighted Dip 4×4-6 E2. Weighted Pull-up, 4×4-6