Shirts-Off Challenge: Details & Rules

Can you believe that Memorial Day is a mere THREE weeks away?!! That's right folks, we will officially be in beach season in less than a month! Many of you work really hard throughout the entire year, but it is easy to lapse into some poor eating/drinking habits during the colder months. GET READY TO CHANGE ALL OF THAT! Shoreline Athletics is ready to kick-off its Second Annual Shirts-Off Summer Nutrition Challenge! This challenge is a 6-week, GYM-WIDE challenge that will run from May 14th-June 30th at 12pm. This challenge is made to feel grass-roots like many of our "old-school" paleo challenges that many of you may recall. We will have a large scoresheet hung on the wall of the gym for you to chart your progress throughout the six weeks. This will be a CLEAN-EATING (not quite paleo, but "paleoish") challenge. Something New “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens his friend” –Proverbs 27:17 Back when I was able to come to the gym on Saturdays, I noticed something: despite the fact that I was running on less sleep, and not working out at my optimal workout time, I typically performed better in workouts. Why? Because on Saturdays, we perform partner workouts at Shoreline Athletics. It’s one thing to let yourself down, but to let down another is a different story. Having a partner usually holds us more accountable, and leads to more productivity. Soooooooo….guess what is happening for this challenge??!! That’s right, folks…Choose a partner and sign on up! Each week, your team will be issued 6 cheat meals to be divided up anyway you want. If one partner blows them all, so be it. Whatever cheats are not used, can be added back to your points at the end of the week. You will have ONE partner WOD to complete each week. These will be scheduled on SATURDAYS.

BASIC RULES All progress be tracked (with the exception of your measurements; these are confidential) on the scoreboard at the gym. Fish oil is essential to fighting inflammation, heart, and brain health. We encourage the use of Lurong Wild Omega. You can read about it and its benefits here: . We sell this product at Shoreline Athletics. There will also be an opportunity for you to journal your foods daily, as well as your thoughts (i.e. "I went to a birthday party and I didn't eat the cake!"); positive affirmations can take you farther than you realize. THIS IS A TOTAL POINTS SYSTEM; the team with the most points in the end will be more eligible for winning. Partner WODs: partner WODs will be programmed weekly. These will be part of SA’s programming on Saturday for Conditioning and Symmetry. However, if you can’t make this days, feel free to make any WOD or day a partner workout. You will only receive credit for one partner workout. Deducting Cheats: you will be given 3 weekly cheats per athlete to be used any way you want. Once entering the Challenge, you will watch the video on what defines a cheat and rules.Once entering the Challenge, you will watch the video on what defines a cheat and rules. Weekly “Homework” Challenge: each week, we will have a body weight movement that you can perform in/or outside of the gym (i.e. burpees); you will receive points for completing this task. The winning team will be crowned based on the following:

  • TEAM Benchmark Workout Improvement

  • Body Measurements Improvements

  • Adherence to acceptable nutrition and scoreboard points

Example of Weekly Scoring:

  • Clean Eating: 35 points (5 points a day)

  • Weekly “Homework” Points: 5 points for completion of task

  • Fish Oil: 7 points (1 point a day)

  • Partner Wods: 2 points (2 points per week)

  • Journaling: 1 point (1 point per week)

Maximum Weekly Points:

  • 50 Per Athlete

  • 100 Per Team

"Good Wine is a Good Familiar Creature, if it Be Well Used" How could I not quote Shakespeare on this topic?!! What about alcohol? Just like in our old challenges, you will be allowed one glass of red wine per day (6 oz) and one 2-ounce pour of tequila or gluten free vodka. Now, we do not encourage this; obviously, an athlete who chooses not to drink will have better results in this challenge. Unused daily drinks DO NOT roll over to the weekend.But I Don't Even Know What Clean Eating Means...DP and the SA staff will be providing a video nutrition chat that you will get emailed to you prior to the challenge's beginning. This will take the place of a live nutrition chat. With Mother's Day approaching, we don't have time for an in-house chat. You can watch this whenever you'd like prior to the 14th. Throughout the challenge, you can email DP or LP ( or with the subject “Challenge” for faster replies. Naturally, optimal results will flourish if you choose to use My Fitness Pal for journaling, and weigh and count your macos, but this is not a requirement of this challenge. In fact, the purpose of this Challenge is to create healthy habits so you don't have to track your foods. When you sign up, you will receive an "Approved Foods List".

Cost, Sign Up and Prizes The cost for this challenge will be 50 dollars per team (25.00 per athlete). With your sign-up, it is suggested that you join the private 2018 Shirts Off Challenge Facebook Group. Here, you will receive announcements, as well as tips from last year’s contestants who found success (i.e sample grocery list). Additionally, by signing up, you will receive weekly emails with nutritional focus and highlights of the top scores/efforts. Prizes:

  • 1st Place: Edabolic kitchen GC $200 & Comped Monthly Membership, & Swag Bag

  • 2nd Place: Swag Bag (protein, bcaas, and other goodies)

  • 3rd Place: Swag Bag (protein, bcaas, and other goodies)

Sign-ups will be taking place in the gym towards the end of this week (look for the poster). You need to provide your email and whether or not you will be charging your account or paying cash. Don’t feel the need to partner with someone similar to you! For example, my partner is one who I will hold accountable with workouts, but she will hold me accountable with food & drink. We are not at similar points in our “CrossFit Careers” at all, but that is part of the fun of it!

Last year, I reluctantly signed up. This year, I am doing the same. Why? I have to say that I went into last summer FEELING better than I ever have. For the first time since the birth of Asa, I felt physically like the old me. But more importantly, I was proud of myself for drinking less and eater cleaner than I ever have, for proving to myself that I could do it!Come on, guys... Let's get as many people as possible on board for this challenge!! The more, the merrier....seriously. My dream is that the vast majority of Shoreline Athletics takes this challenge by the horns to become the best version of themselves for the Summer of 2018, all the while increasing the gym's camaraderie a billion-fold!