Shoreline Athletics 2019 CrossFit Open--Week 3 Review

This week's Open workout brought a great test of skill and muscular endurance. Many athletes were excited to show off their handstand walks, but had to get through lunges, box step-ups, and strict handstand push-ups in only 10 minutes to demonstrate this skill. Let's see how our participating athletes stacked up:

Men's Rx:

1. Kyle Lundberg (142 reps; 9:32 tiebreak)

2. Scott Stewart (142 reps; 9:41 tiebreak)

3. Frank Vigliotti (139 reps )

This makes the Rx Men's overall Leaderboard:

1. Scott Stewart (5 points)

2. Frank Vigliotti (10 points)

3. Kyle Lundberg (12 points)

Women's Rx:

1. Megin Shepherd (170 reps)

2. LP (134 Reps)

3. Aly Passarelli (121 reps)

This makes the overall RX Women's Leaderboard:

1. Megin Shep (3 points)

2. LP (6 points)

3. Aly P. (10 points)

Katy Papoosha is right behind with only 12 points!!

Men's Scaled:

1. Mark Czarnecki (completed in 9:45)

2. Matt Murphy (162 reps)

3. Will Gardner (121 reps)

This makes the overall Men's Scaled Leaderboard:

1. Matt Murphy (5 points)

2. Will Gardner (6 points)

3. Mark Czarnecki (7 points)

This is a close race!

Women's Scaled:

1. Meagan De Jesus (97 Reps)

2. Rebecca Roche (91 Reps)

3. Kendra Price (74 Reps)

This makes the overall Women's Scaled Leaderboard:

1. Meagan D. (4 points)

2. Rebecca R. (6 points)

3. Kendra Price (9 points)

Week 3 Honorable Mention:

This week's honorable mention goes out to DAVE BROWNELL. For those of you who know Dave, you know that he works super hard at the gym, and is skilled in body weight movements. Dave was excited for the handstand push-ups, as well as the handstand walks this week. When he performed the workout, he struggled with the overhead lunge due to some immobility issues. Still, Dave battled through 19.3, having to drop the dumbbell several times during the lunges, but NEVER giving up despite frustration. His tenacity was inspirational! He even came back and performed the workout a second time. Dave, this is true testimony of the well known Mahatma Gandhi quote, "Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory". Well done, Mr. Brownell!

On to week 4!

Jimmy C., Aly P., and Rick R battling out 19.3 in the wee hours of the morning

Who thought those weighted box step-ups were surprisingly hard??