Stop Being An Adult

By Coach Cameron Hudson

Howdy ladies and gents!

We are past the halfway mark of the 2018 Crossfit Open! This year has by far been the most fun and exciting Open to date. I have seen people exceed their expectations of what they’re capable of, people push through workouts that had some of their biggest weaknesses and people supporting each other.

There has been one group that has impressed me the most; the Crossfit Kids. I already knew I had a special group of young athletes, but they have amazed me more and more each week. Sometimes it’s due to an athletic accomplishment, but mostly how they approach the gym as a whole. I wanted to share with you a few things I have learned this year from these kids and maybe they can help teach y’all something too:

  1. It’s not a workout, it’s a game

Regardless if it is a daily class WOD or the kids hearing what the WOD is for Friday Night lights, they have the same reaction; Game on. Now this is not to be confused with some hyper-competitive complex, but rather how they see a workout as a chance to have fun. Pull ups? Just another day on the monkey bars. Whatever movements come up, they are about to have fun. Even with burpees; kids love burpees (so should you).

  1. You don’t have to do it, you get to do it

You walk into the gym and see the workout on the whiteboard. What are your first thoughts? Like most of us, we too often see workouts as a chore or something we are forced to do. With the kids it is the opposite. They get to do it! It is never work, but a chance for them to do something they haven’t done before or maybe that day has their favorite movement. Regardless, they are excited and can’t wait to get going.

  1. It’s always fun

Even in the middle of workout, out of breath and under fatigue, kids never lose sight of how much fun they are having. I always see smiles on their faces and try my best to channel their sense of enthusiasm. They want to know what the next workout is going to be, they plead for certain movements to be in the workout. When is the last time you hoped thrusters were in the WOD?

  1. Coach Cam is always right

I admit, this one isn’t necessarily true. But don’t tell the kids that. I have a reputation to keep!

Everyone should try to be more like the kids. They get it more than we do, we just don’t know it yet. Next time you see one of them at the gym, give them a high five. For some reason they look up to a lot of us for how they want to be as athletes when they are older, but it should be us who strive to be a little more like them. #justtrynastayfit