Survival Guide 2018 CrossFit Open

By Coach Cameron Hudson

Hey guys and gals!

We are only a couple of weeks away from the announcement of 18.1! If you are like me, you have a flurry of emotions going through your head. But, 2018 does not need to be a stressful time and we all should be looking forward to what Dave Castro has in store for us this year.

Whether this is your first Open or your fifth like me, there are ways you can keep yourself in check and keep things fun. I put together a few things for y’all to think about as we go through the 2018 Open and hopefully you can use it to get the most out of your experience.

1. Why did I sign up? Did you sign up so I would stop badgering you about it in class? I can live with that. In all seriousness, you need to think about why you’re doing it. In my opinion, it is the best time for any gym. It shouldn’t be about constantly refreshing the leaderboard to see how badly Mat Fraser or Katrin Davidsdottir beat you by.

2. WOD’s are out of your control: We don’t know any more about what’s to come than you do. So, why let the unknowable stress you out? You’ve been putting in the work leading up to this point, let what’s going to happen happen.

3. Community vs. Competition: Unless you’re goal is to make it to the next stage, this time of year should be less about cutthroat competition amongst your fellow athletes. Instead, shift your focus to meeting people from different classes and making sure everyone around you is having just as much fun. If you’re a veteran CrossFitter, take someone under your wing who is going through their first Open. We all remember what our first time was like.

4. You will fail: This is not something I typically tell athletes, but it is the truth. The Open is designed to expose your weaknesses. Let it! There has always been at least one workout that has completely destroyed me. Use that failure as an opportunity to reevaluate your fitness goals and work towards them for the 2019 Open.

5. Reflect: After each workout and when it is all said and done, make sure you allot some time to reflect on everything. What did you do well? What did you struggle with? What was your favorite part? These are all things that will help you progress in the long term.

There are still so many things I wish I knew when I first started doing the Open and I am still learning more each year. Try not to get caught up in what other athletes are doing on social media or what your next door neighbor did in the heat before you. Approach each week with a clean slate and give it your best shot.

P.S- I would love to hear about your favorite Open experience or why you decided to sign up this year! Shoot me an email and tell me all about it. #justtrynastayfit