Terribly Written Article About CrossFit…


Workout of the Day



Split Jerk 7×2@75% *1 min rest in between


For time: Run 400m 21 Pullups Run 400m 18 Pullups Run 400m 15 Pullups *each time you break pullups, 200m run


A. Snatch Gaunlet, EMOM with increasing weights: Men: 135,145,155,165 etc. Women: 75,80,85,90, etc.

B. For time: Run 400m 15 MU Run 400m 12 MU Run 400m 9 MU *each time you break, 200m run

If you cannot do MU: For time: Run 400m 18 C2B Pullups Run 400m 15 C2B Pullups Run 400m 12 C2B Pullups

Today’s Link- CrossFit’s Big Growth Causes Concern <—unreal what people write…