The 2018: Week 1 Review

Yesterday, concluded week one of the 2018 Open! Now, that wasn't so bad, was it??!

Overall, Shoreline Athletics has a total of 79 athletes registered for The Open. I think this is impressive in itself. So, thank you to all who registered. You will better yourselves and the community over the next few weeks.

Before I begin with this week's review, I have to put out a disclaimer.... The new CrossFit Games website isn't as user-friendly is those of the past; I am having a difficult time gathering data. Additionally, I am an English teacher and physical trainer by trade, not a statistician, so, if for some reason, I leave you out where you belong, it is in no way intentional. Kindly let me (LP) know, and I will adjust the blog.

So, without further ado, here is this week's podium-takers:

Women's RX:

1. Megin Oczkowski (352 reps)

2. LP (346 reps)

3. Sarah Lipp (336 reps)

Meg is currently in 95th in the Northeast. She will have to creep into the top 25 to qualify for the super-regional. This sounds like a long-way off, but it really isn't. One could assume that this was the "engine" workout of the Open. Engine work is not Meg's forte per say, so hopefully, with a WOD that calls for a more powerful athlete, Meg will gain the ground that she needs.

Men's Rx'd:

1. Nick Pates (402)

2. Scott Stewart (370)

3. Frank Vigliotti (354)

Women's Scaled:

1. Amy Zemaitis (348)

2. Nicole Conti (345)

3. Becky Ryalls (291)

Men's Scaled:

1. Nick Thompson (470)

2. Themis Kyriakides (372)

3. Adam McCaherty (371)

Just a little honorable mention here.... Nick Thompson placed 2nd in the WORLD for this division. Pretty impressive, Twinkle Toes ;)

Women's Masters RX:

1. LP (346)

2. Sarah Lipp (336)

3. Jill Caruso (271)

Men's Masters RX:

1. Jimmy Connelly (434)

2. Scott Stewart (370)

3. Frank Vigliotti (354)

Jimmy Connelly is FIRST in the WORLD for the Men's 55-59 Masters Category. Might we have to take another trip to the Games??!!!

Women's Masters Scaled:

1. Nicole Conti (345)

2. Becky Ryalls (291)

3. Allison Santoro (289)

Men's Masters Scaled:

1. Nick Thompson (470)

2. Themis Kyriakides (372)

3. Adam McCaherty (371)


Team Shoreline CrossFit is in 607th WORLDWIDE and 50th in the Region. This week's contributors were Meg, LP, Nick Pates, and Scott Stewart.

Team The Shoreline Sixpacks are in 1,681 WORLDWIDE and 147th in the Region. This week's contributors were Colby Morawski (346), Greg Papuga (344), Sarah Lipp (336), and Jenna Lennon (310). And I think we can all agree that each and every member of this spirited group added to the amazing, exuberant community that we have at Shoreline Athletics!

An athlete to watch:

It is no surprise that Mrs. Mary Pont is demonstrating the same strength of body as she is currently of

mind. Mary placed 184th in the WORLD for the Masters 55-59 category. She needs to remain in the top 200 to move on to the Master's Qualifier.

It was a great week and I am looking forward to what 18.2 brings. Please join us for the Open Release Party, beginning at 7:45 pm at the gym this Thursday. Shoreline Prime will be there grilling up some delicious Paleo entrees. Feel free to bring your friends, family, and an libations that you desire. See you there!

Maribeth has come such a long way since the fall. I can't wait to see what the remainder of the Open will bring.


Wayne Mac always giving 100%

A little Sixpack L-O-V-E

That shirt....Now you know WHY his wife is pregnant ;)