The Importance of Hydration

By Coach Debbie Leonti

Ever wonder why you are feeling more sore than normal?  Or maybe feeling a bit more fatigued than usual?  There are many reasons as to why we may be feeling this way, but when clients come to me and I hear these symptoms, I will immediately ask, “Are you drinking enough water?”  Some answer immediately with an easy “yes”, but as we dig a bit deeper, they are no where near the standard requirements for water intake.  It can be difficult when it is cold out, but here are THREE BENEFITS to drinking enough water on a daily basis:

1.  Fights Fatigue

Water is one of the most important sources of energy for your body. It helps cells complete important enzymatic activities which contribute to good sleep and the production of ample energy to get you through your day.

2. Speeds up joint and cartilage repair/ reduces muscle soreness

Most of the padding in our cartilage is made up of water, so if we don’t drink enough of it, our bones will feel stiff and our joints will take a beating. Joint repair after workouts or injuries is also expedited by proper hydration.

3.  Aids in Digestion/Helps jump start fat loss

Water can help eliminate and reduce the incidence of ulcers, bloating, gas, gastritis, acid reflux, and IBS. You also will experience less frequent constipation since water helps matter move more quickly through the body.  This will help also aid in fat loss as you are getting rid of excess waste in the body.

These are only three simple benefits to drinking more water…the list continues!  Please try to incorporate more water throughout your day.  Buy a water bottle, keep one at work, and be sure to have at least one full glass with each meal.  Generally, about 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce per pound you weigh (athletes, closer to 1 ounce or more).

Hope this helps some of you if you are experiencing any of these symptoms!  Looking forward to a productive and healthy 2018 with our NECF family!