The Lost Art of Camaraderie

One of the things I miss most about playing on a team was the atmosphere. You were on a team; you practiced together, competed together, won together and lost together. That same camaraderie of CrossFit was a huge draw for me. But along the way it seems that the unity and support can often get lost in the shuffle. I wanted to put together a small list of things that you can do in the gym to elicit a better training experience for those around you and for yourself.

High fives aren’t dead

You just finished doing one of the hardest workouts of your life, so did all of the other people in class with you. You should be proud, whether it was a good workout or not, celebrate that achievement with your fellow athletes. A high five goes a long way to let those around you know that you’re right there going through all of it with them. This small gesture of letting them know their hard work didn’t go unnoticed will only add to their sense of accomplishment.

Rule #29: Always be a team player

You workout at the same time everyday and your class is usually filled with several familiar faces, but one day you see someone you haven’t met yet. Don’t shy away, go introduce yourself and make them feel welcome. At one point or another we were all the new person at the gym. Take it a step further and squat with a group you have never squatted with before.

Green is so 2017

Tim just nailed his first ring muscle up and you’re still working on getting yours. Don’t pout, be stoked! It is a huge moment and doesn’t need to be sullied with your jealousy. When we help elevate those around us, we will elevate ourselves. Green isn’t a good look in the gym, unless you’re Manny (green really brings out his eyes).

It isn’t over until the last bar drops

The whiteboard has a workout that is 3 rounds for time, you finish in 7 minutes and begin cleaning up. Joe is over in the corner just starting round 2. Leave your weights and go cheer him on. He might not be as fast as you, but he’s working just as hard and could use your support.

Each time you step into the gym, treat it like you’re walking into a team practice. High five your fellow athletes to celebrate making it through another workout. Always be a team player and help out new athletes or workout with a different group. Celebrate each other’s victories and leave the jealousy outside. The workout isn’t done until everyone is done, don’t clean up early. These are very simple things to integrate into your routine without adding any extra time to your session.

Coach Cam #justtrynastayfit