The Pregnant CrossFitters

By Coach Debbie Leonti

The CrossFit mom. How much more inspiring can it really get?  Throughout my career, some of my proudest moments as a coach was having the honor to train a woman through pregnancy.  Seeing the whole process from start to finish is truly a beautiful thing. Whether it is their first, second, or even fifth child, they all have one thing in common… A love for health and wellness.  If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we possibly take care of others? These women express such strength in finding a balance to keeping themselves healthy while helping to bring another life into this world.  CrossFit is not for everyone, but ANYONE can do it. We have had several women come in to take a class on their delivery date just to fit in one extra workout because they feel great! So, what excuse do you have now for not training?!

There are several phases to training during pregnancy, but it is possible to do. Many of the women that I have spoken with have expressed how much CrossFit has helped them get through their pregnancy in more ways than one.  Priorities may temporarily shift in the sport, which is okay. Instead of being in a competition mode, they are simply there to move and stay active for the baby and for themselves. Women are not very limited when it comes to training during their months of pregnancy, and under proper supervision, they are fine to be right in there with the rest of the class.  These moms truly amaze me. They come in, work hard, train smart, and overcome more obstacles than we can ever imagine. The Memorial Day “Murph” is coming up. Requirements for this workout calls for a 20lb weighted vest. How much harder does that workout become now? Imagine carrying around that extra twenty pounds (or more) for several months and in EVERY workout?  WOW! Guys, you better stop your complaining right now. ha!

Once the baby comes, our moms leave for a little while, but sooner than later they are right back at it.  One of our NECF moms came in after only four weeks post delivery! Came in with the stroller and baby, put her stuff down and got to work.  How awesome? As a coach, we must still monitor these women to be sure they are coming back with a smart approach to get back to where they were.  However, there is no reason why they can’t come in to train if there are no medical issues; they just need a proper and safe approach.

To our “older” moms, you are also incredible and so inspiring.  I always love when someone compliments one of our female athletes and we respond back with, “You know, she has three kids?”  These women work so hard and deserve to be recognized.

It is Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday.  I would like to wish ALL of our moms at the gym a very Happy Mother’s Day.  You are amazing to do what you do, and I have so much respect for you. You are an inspiration to many. Continue to do your thing and be strong for yourself and your family.  These kids have an amazing person to look up to and aspire to be like.