The Shoreline Athletics CrossFit Open: Week 3 Review

This week brought a workout that was...well, let's face it, unless you're me (I dream in double-unders)...pretty miserable. I know that for many of you, it was quite frustrating, defeating, and demoralizing. Double-unders can be frustrating, as well as taxing cardiovascularly. Overhead squats test one's mobility in more than one area, and muscle-ups...oh, the ever coveted ring-muscle-up....they can definitely disappoint after a fatiguing few minutes prior.

But here's the deal: it's over. It's one workout. And you probably weren't going to the CrossFit Games anyway (at least as an athlete) . Don't allow this workout to dictate your mood for the remainder of the Open. We're doing our own "thang" weekly at Shoreline Athletics--aside from the worldwide leaderboard--and there is still an opportunity for you to shine...

This being said, this workout definitely pointed a finger at some glaring weaknesses. Was it double-unders? Overhead squats? Pull-ups? Muscle-ups? Don't just try to fix these weaknesses over the course of the next two weeks; why not take the YEAR to work on one? Come back to the Open next year, and make this weakness your SLAVE.

So, what's this week's leaderboard look like? Check it out:

Men's RX:

1. Ryan Hocking (564)

2. Zach Sheperd (534)

3. Mat t Stebbins (456)

Overall, the Men's RX Leaderboard is as follows:

1. Frank Vigliotti (10 points)

2. Scott Stewart (12)

3. Ryan Hocking & Zach Sheperd (18)

Women's RX:

1. LP (662)

2. Megin Oczkowski (610)

3. Jenna Lennon (460)

Overall, the Women's RX Leaderboard is as follows:

1. Megin Oczkowski (6)

2. LP (8)

3. Sarah Lipp (15)

Men's Scaled:

1. Adam McCaherty (11:19)

2. Themis Kyriakides (12:57)

3. Paul Emery (13:12)

Overall, the Men's Scaled Leaderboard is as follows:

1. Adam McCaherty (7)

2. Nick Thompson (8)

3. Themis Kyriakides (12)

Women's Scaled:

1. Nicole Conti (11:26)

2. Amanda Magleby (12:59)

3. Amy Zemaitis (13:30)

Overall, the Women's Scaled Leaderboard is as follows:

1. Nicole Conti (6)

2. Melisa Lucia (13)

3. Amy Zemaitis (14)

Young Masters Men RX (ages 35-44)

1. Scott Stewart (452)

2. Frank Vigliotti (446)

3. Dave Brownell (427)

The overall Young Masters Men RX Leaderboard reflects the same standings.

Young Masters Women RX (ages 35-44)

1. LP (662)

2. Sarah Lipp (454)

3. Jackie Maculaitis (220 w/ a 6:21 tiebreak)

The overall standings for the Young Master's Women RX are as follows:

1. LP (4)

2. Sarah Lipp (8)

3. Jackie Mac & Celeni Perez (18)

Scaled Young Masters Men

1. Adam McCaherty (11:19)

2. Paul "Red" Emery (13:12)

3. Nick Thompson (13:35)

The overall leaderboard for the Young Masters Scaled is as follows:

1. Adam McCaherty (7)

2. Nick Thompson (8)

3. Paul Emery (20)

Women's Young Masters Scaled:

1. Nicole Conti (11:26)

2. Becky Ryalls (13:36)

3. Allison Santoro (627 reps)

These standings reflect the overall leaderboard for the Young Masters Women Scaled.

Men's Veteran Masters Rx (ages 45-60+)

1. Jim Connolly (388 reps)

2. Jimmy Yakimoff (226)

3. Rick Ross (220 w/a tiebreak of 5:37)

Women's Veteran Masters Rx:

1. Lara McGlashan (220 w/tiebreak of 5:03)

2. Mary Pont (220 w/tiebreak of 12:35)

3. Kati Papoosha (104 w/a tiebreak of 5:43)

Men's Veteran Masters Scaled:

1. Sal Esposito (12:37)

2. Mark Czarnecki (12:41)

3. Themis Kyriakides (12:57)

Women's Veteran Masters Scaled:

1. Jen Gregoretti (842)

2. Darcy Salemme (813)

3. Kim Joyce (696)


Team Shoreline CrossFit is 733rd in the world and 58th in the Northeast. This week's contributors were: Zach Sheperd, Matt Stebbins, LP, and Meg.

The Shoreline Sixpacks are 1468 in the world and 128th in the Northeast. This week's contributors were: Ryan Hocking, Kyle McCauley, Jenna Lennon, and Sarah Lipp.

Athletes to watch:

Megin Oczkowski is currently 44th in the Northeast. She must fall in the top 25 at the conclusion of the Open to qualify for the East Regional.

Jimmy Connolly is 117 in the world for Masters Men 55-59. He must remain in the top 200 to move on to the Master's Qualifier.

LP (me!) is 74th in the world for Women 35-39. She must remain in the top 200 in the world to move forward to the Master's Qualifier.

Although DP, Asa, and I will be on vacation this coming Thursday, Coach Chu will be holding down the Wod-Release Party Thursday night (along with Trump and Albert from Shoreline Prime), as well as the Friday Night Lights beginning at 5:30 pm Friday. He looks forward to seeing you all there!

Savage is right! Kati P. is always working on her weaknesses.