The Shoreline Athletics Open: Week 4 Review

This week's Open workout was a doozy. If you ask me, the most challenging one yet. I had my own learning moment this week. Just as last week taught many that it is quite different to have muscle-ups BEFORE the workout begins than it is to have them DURING the workout, this week taught me that same fact regarding handstand walks. In my warm-up, 50 meters was not an issue; after "Diane", this was not so much the case. So, what do we do to fix this? Wait until the Open next year and suck again? Obviously not. Practice! Practice all throughout the year. Practice the skill in workouts. And practice the skill out of workouts. It is what it is. On to the last week!

Let's see where our athletes stacked up this week:

Men's Rx

1. Scott Stewart (117 Reps w/a 6:46 tiebreak)

2. Frank Vigliotti (114 Reps w/a 6:18 tiebreak)

3. Nick Pates (111 Reps w/an 8:15 tiebreak)

This brings the Men's Rx Leaderboard going into the final week to:

1. Frank Vigliotti (12)

2. Scott Stewart (13)

3. Zach Sheperd (25)

Who will take first place? Scott or Frank??!! It will be fun to watch!

Women's Rx

1. Megin Oczkowski (6:59)

2. LP (121 reps w/a 6:31 tiebreak)

3. Jenna Lennon (111 w/an 8:05 tiebreak)

The overall Women's Rx Leaderboard reads the same.

Men's Scaled

1. Nick Thompson (4:17)

2. Adam McCaherty (6:03)

3. Mark Czarnecki (7:04)

This brings the overall Men's Scaled Leaderboard to:

1. Nick Thompson & Adam McCaherty (9)

2. Themis Kyriakides (15)

3. Paul "Red" Emery (26)

It will be fun to see Nick and Adam battle it out this week to see who will come out on top!

Women's Scaled

1. Nicole Conti (6:40)

2. Melisa Lucia (7:14)

3. Darcy Salemme (7:27)

The overall Women's Scaled Leaderboard is as follows:

1. Nicole Conti (7)

2. Melisa Lucia (13)

3. Becky Ryalls (18)

Young Male Masters Rx

1. Scott Stewart (117)

2. Frank Vigliotti (114)

3. Dave Brownell (91 reps w/a 6:27 tiebreak)

The overall leaderboard for this division is:

1. Frank Vigliotti (12)

2. Scott Stewart (13)

3. Dave Brownell (31)

Young Women's Masters Rx

1. LP (121)

2. Celeni Perez (37 w/:48 tiebreak)

3. Kristine Capstick (36 w/:51 tiebreak)

The overall leaderboard for this division is as follows:

1. LP (9)

2. Sarah Lipp (41)

3. Celeni Perez (55)

Young Male Masters Scaled

1. Nick Thompson (4:17)

2. Adam McCaherty (6:03)

3. Paul "Red" Emery (148 reps)

The overall leaderboard for this division reads the same.

Young Female Masters Scaled

1. Nicole Conti (6:40)

2. Amy Likens (9:00)

3. Becky Ryalls (146 Reps w/8:45 tiebreak)

The overall leaderboard for this division is:

1. Nicole Conti (7)

2. Becky Ryalls (18)

3. Allison Santoro (20)

Veteran Male Masters Rx

1. Jimmy Connelly (116 w/a 6:07 tiebreak)

2. Paul Angelini (22 reps w/a :47 tiebreak)


These two veteran Masters were the only ones in this division to take a stab at the challenge of HSPUs, so we do not have a third place athlete this week.

Veteran Masters Women Rx

1. Lara McGlashan (97 w/6:12 tiebreak)

2. Mary Pont (94 w/5:53 tiebreak)

3. Jen Gregoretti (66 w/a 7:10 tiebreak)

Veteran Masters Scaled

1. Mark Czarnecki (7:04)

2. Jimmy Connelly (7:08)

3. Themis Kyriakides (7:22)

Veteran Master's Women Scaled

1. Darcy Salemme (7:27)

2. Kim Joyce (8:18)

3. Charly Weiss (8:32)


Team Shoreline CrossFit is 709 worldwide and 58th in the northeast. This week's contributors were: Scott Stewart, Frank Vigliotti, Megin Oczcowski, and LP.

The Shoreline Sixpacks are 1947 worldwide and 169th in the northeast. This week's contributors were: Luis Suarez (82), Colby Morawski (70), Jenna Lennon (111), and Mary Pont (94).

Athletes to Watch:

Megin is currently in 34th in the northeast (she had a 4th place finish this week!!). She needs to creep up 9 spots next week to qualify for the Regional.

Jim Connelly is 112th worldwide and 9th in the northeast for masters 55-59. He needs to remain in the top 200 to advance to the Master's Qualifier.

I (LP) am in 102nd worldwide and 11th in the northeast for Master's 35-39. I need to stay in the top 200 worldwide to advance to the Master's Qualifier next month.

One more week to go! I know many of you have lost the enthusiasm that you had week one due to some of the more challenging workouts/movements, vacations, and just life in general. I'd love to get 100% participation from all athletes enrolled in the Open for our final week. I'd love to see as many members (and their families and friends) present at Thursday's WOD Release Party, as well as Friday Night Lights this week. I will see you all there!

Meg-O, handstand walking her way to a 4th place finish in the northeast!

The Pont-Strongs may have A LOT going on, but they always find time for Shoreline Athletics <3 !!

The fearless leader of the Shoreline 6-Packs, Capstick. What will they do without her??!! :(

Kati P. (pictured left), got her first HSPU this week. Way to go!!!!