The Shoreline Athletics Open: Week 5 Review

That's a wrap folks! The 2018 CrossFit Open is officially over! It was inspiring to watch so many of you push yourselves in ways that you never have prior. I saw so many first double-unders, handstand push-ups, pull-ups, muscle-ups, as well as clean personal records. And this doesn't leave out the camaraderie that was fortified every Thursday night at our WOD Release Parties, as well as Friday mornings and evenings. A special shout out to our boy, Al Carocci, and his generous supply of time and delicious meals from Shoreline Prime every Thursday night. If you haven't visited Shoreline Prime yet (off the Cedar St. exit in Branford), get down there! He has everything your little Paleo (or non-Paleo) heart could desire!

Be fore I get to this week's standings, as well as the overall standings for the 2018 Shoreline Athletics Open, allow me to explain the overall calibration: I can only tabulate overall scores for athletes who have either done the entire Open as "prescribed", or "scaled". If you mixed and matched from week to week (which is totally fine), I cannot group you with someone who competed entirely in one category (the system will always place someone who has done one prescribed/Rx workout above someone who has not).

Without further ado, here's where y'all stacked up:

Men's Rx:

1. Scott Stewart (129 reps)

2. Frank Vigliotti & Nick Pates (126 reps)

3. Wayne Maculaitis (118 Reps)

This brings our final Men's Rx Leaderboard to:

1. Scott Stewart and Frank Vigliotti (14 points)

2. Zach Sheperd (32 points)

3. David Brownell (36 points)

Women's Rx:

1. Megin Oczcowski (166 reps)

2. LP (136 reps)

3. Jenna Lennon (123)

This is also the final podium for our Rx Women (7, 11, 21 points).

Men's Scaled:

1. Nick Thompson (192 Reps)

2. Adam McCaherty (140 Reps)

3. Kevin Visnic (134 Reps)

The overall Men's Scaled Leaderboard reads:

1. Nick Thompson (10)

2. Adam McCaherty (11)

3. Themis Kyriakides (19)

Women's Scaled:

1. Maribeth Barraza (165)

2. Amanda Magleby (163)

3. Nicole Conti (147)

This brings the final Women's Scaled Leaderboard to:

1. Nicole Conti (9)

2. Melisa Lucia (18)

3. Becky Ryalls (21)

Young Female Masters Rx:

1. LP (136)

2. Sarah Lipp (112)

3. Jackie Maculaitis (100)

This brings the overall Young Female Masters Leaderboard to:

1. LP (6)

2. Sarah Lipp (20)

3. Celeni Perez (24)

Young Male Masters Rx:

1. Scott Stewart (126)

2. Frank Vigliotti (126)

3. Dave Brownell (103)

The overall Young Masters Rx Leaderboard is:

1. Scott Stewart (8)

2. Frank Vigliotti (10)

3. Dave Brownell (21)

Young Masters Female Scaled:

1. Maribeth Barraza (165)

2. Nicole Conti (147)

3. Becky Ryalls (132)

The overall podium for the Young Masters Scaled is:

1. Nicole Conti (7)

2. Becky Ryalls (14)

3. Maribeth Barraza (20)

Young Masters Men Scaled:

1. Nick Thompson (129)

2. Adam McCaherty (140)

3. Paul "Red" Emery (99)

This is also the overall Young Masters Men Scaled Leaderboard (9, 10, and 17 points).

Veteran Masters Men Rx:

1. Jimmy Connelly (145)

2. Sal Esposito (115)

3. Paul Angelini (81)

I cannot calibrate a leaderboard for this group, as Jimmy is the only Veteran Master to do every single workout Rx (so, Jimmy WINS!!!--practice those double-unders boys!!)

Veteran Masters Women Rx:

1. Mary Pont (83)

2. Kati Papoosha (82)

3. Lara McGlashan (78)

The overall Leaderboard for the Veteran Masters Women is:

1. Mary Pont (61)

2. Lara McGlashan (77)

3. Kati Papoosha (78)

Veteran Masters Men Scaled:

1. Mark Czarnecki (165)

2. Kevin Visnic (134)

3. Themis Kyriakides (133)

The overall leaderboard for this division is:

1. Themis Kyriakides and Mark Czarnecki

2. Kevin Visnic

Veteran Masters Women Scaled:

1. Charly Weiss (102)

2. Kimberly Joyce (76)

The Overall leaderboard for this division is:

1. Kim Joyce

2. Linda Witalis


Team Shoreline CrossFit placed 668 in the WORLD and 53rd in the Northeast. This week's contributors were: Scott Stewart, Nick Pates, LP and Meg-O.

The Shoreline Sixpacks placed 1956th in the WORLD, and came in 174th in the Northeast. This week's contributors were: Wayne Mac, Colby Morawski, Jenna Lennon, and Sarah Lipp.

Moving on...

Both LP and Jimmy Connelly have qualified for the Master's Qualifier! Jimmy for the 55-59 (he placed 107th worldwide and 10 in the Northeast), and LP for the 35-39 (she placed 106 worldwide and 13th in the Northeast). Stay tuned for information regarding this.

Congratulations to all who participated in the Open (even if it was just coming to the WOD Release Parties and sharing in the festivities!). We plan to organize a whole-gym social where all of our winners will be recognized. Stay tuned to social media and posters in in the gym for the time and date. We'll see you there!

Charly Weiss always gives 100%. Congratulations to her on a first place finish in her division this week!