We Are Here To Motivate, Not Be Your Motivation

We Are Here To Motivate, Not Be Your Motivation

By Coach Manny Alayon

As coaches we are here to motivate, not to be your motivation. We are here to get you prepared, excited and to guide you through your journey. A good coach can help motivate, but should not be the reason for your motivation. Relying on something external (extrinsic) for motivation can work well in the short term, but will fizzle out as time passes. Real motivation is a desire or that indescribable “thing” that drives you to succeed or accomplish a goal, and it comes from internal sources (intrinsic).

Typically, we see people lose motivation during stressful periods. The holidays, the cold weather, event planning and work are all very common stressors that can lead to a loss of motivation. Some common signs of losing motivation are making excuses, inconsistent attendance in regular activities, lack of self control, mediocre effort, and a general feeling of wanting to watch Netflix under the covers.

We also see motivation drop due to not seeing immediate success. We are unfortunately a species that is programmed by society to expect fast results. Our expectations are not truly realistic because of how ads have influenced our perception. We have grown up being influenced by commercials, magazines, social media and that 1 friend who lost 50lbs in an hour that one time. All of these things have greatly contributed to our extremely skewed expectations. Many people fall victim to this mentality, even though they claim they are committed to the long game approach. One of the most common examples of this is joining a nutrition challenge and after 1 week of not seeing the scale move, going back to your old habits. Most people know that change takes time, but for some reason the motivation gets completely lost because there was still a great expectation.

In order to truly stay motivated, an individual should have their motivation be exclusively intrinsic (vs. extrinsic). Intrinsic motivation stems from within. It is the purest and most rewarding type of motivation. It is the motivation that no matter what external things are going on in your life, you never forget your true “why” or purpose. Keeping yourself motivated to get to the gym sounds simple for some and impossible for others. A good starting point is to remember the benefits of making time for your health. It will allow you to enjoy the things you already love doing. It will keep you around longer. It gives you the power to be independent and the confidence to go to a nude beach. As much as we want you to be at the gym, we want you to do it for you.