WEDNESDAY / 03-11-20


Every 6 min x 36 min:

Ski 15 cals.

18 Burpees

AB 15 cals



A. Block Snatch High Pull + Muscle Snatch - 4x(2+2) @55-65%

B. Block Power Snatch - 5x2 @75-80%

C. Block/Pin Front Squats - 5x3 @85-90%, parallel

D1. DB Lateral Raises - 3x10

D2. GHD Back Extensions - 3x10



A. Strict Ring MU Floor Transition 5x3

B. Rings to Hips from Floor 4x4

C. Seated Ring MU 4x4 (3s pause in dip)

D1. Top of Ring Hollow Hold 4x30s

D2. Beat Swing on Rings 4x10