Winter Is Coming…

Winter Is Coming…

By Coach Manny Alayon

A famous Game Of Thrones reference, to a long cold winter. For us in the Northeast, the sun is down earlier, the temperature gets cooler and the stresses of the holiday seasons vastly approach. During this time it can be really easy to make excuses for not making it to the gym. It is easy to lose motivation, direction, and “mojo.” This is something that I struggle with when I see the sun less and I actually have to have a thorough warm-up to break a sweat. The holiday months seem to be the slowest at the gym. Let’s talk about some ways we re-spark motivation to keep you getting warm in the cold winter months!

  1. Set a realistic goal. If you have not yet, I can tell you this is probably the #1 reason why members will lose motivation. When you don’t set a realistic goal, you begin to contemplate your “why” and question the purpose of being in the gym. It is easy to lose sight of your “why” when you don’t write it down. Remember a goal is not just a statement. Everyone has that Aunt that has been trying to lose 10lbs. for the past 10 years. Don’t be that Aunt! Your goal should have a specific start and end date. From there, set checkpoints to keep yourself on track with your goal.

  2. Appreciate life. Right now, most of us are pretty healthy or at least working on it. There are many many people out there who WISH they could exercise to their fullest potential. As much as we want to believe and hope, our life clock is ticking. We only have a limited amount of time to do the athletic things that we can do now. People age and unexpected things in life can occur. So if you have working legs, run. If you have working arms, throw. If you have working lungs, breathe.

  3. Have fun! What has ever made fitness enjoyable for you? Was it the community? The post workout high? The feeling of accomplishment when you hit a new personal record? There is no way you’ve come this far being unhappy. Take a moment to reflect and think about the happiest moments at the gym. The laughs, the communication, the hard work, the results. At the end of the day, we want fitness to be fun. If you cannot find the joy in anything you do, you’ll never be able to do it well.

The winter is coming weather (see what I did there) we like it or not. Take some moments to reflect and don’t let the external factors be your excuse. We are not bears, so don’t hibernate in your homes this winter. Make it a point to stay consistent, stay the course, achieve results and enjoy the process. We are all up in here “just tryna stay fit.”